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Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2

Contract ID: RM1043iv

Start Date: 27/01/2017

End Date: 26/01/2018


Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Replacement

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3 went live on the Digital Marketplace on 1 October 2018.  Procurements launched on the Digital Marketplace after that will go through the new agreement.

Procurements that have already begun under Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 can continue through to contract award after 1 October.  Contracts will need to be awarded by the framework end date of 26 January 2019.



GDPR legislation was implemented on 25th May 2018, so CCS has updated the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 Agreement and the Call-Off Contract template to include the GDPR clauses.  This was done as a Contract Variation following engagement with all suppliers to gain their acceptance of the changes.  Please refer to the Supplier Matrix on the Documents tab below for an update on which suppliers have accepted the variation.

Guidance on how CCS has prepared for GDPR can be found here.  An FAQ document is also available on the Documents tab below. However, if you have any questions, please email cloud_digital[at][dot]uk.


What can this agreement offer?

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 is a dynamic style framework with the specific aim of helping the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes using an agile approach, by procuring the appropriate specialist resource to deliver agile software development. 

The agreement is split into four lots:

Lot 1 - Digital Outcomes

teams to build and support a digital service

Lot 2 – Digital specialists

individual specialists to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project.

Lot 3 – User research studios

space and facilities to carry out interviews, usability tests and focus groups; watch and record people as they engage with designs, prototypes and live public sector services.

Lot 4 – User research participants

access to a diverse range of user research participants including people who are digitally excluded, as well as those who have low literacy or digital skills, and those who need assisted digital support.

Lot 1 services must be provided under one or more of the following capabilities:

  • user experience and design
  • performance analysis and data
  • security
  • service delivery
  • software development
  • support and operations
  • testing and auditing
  • user research

The following specialist roles are available under lot 2:

  • agile coach
  • business analyst
  • communications manager
  • content designer or copywriter
  • cyber security consultant
  • delivery manager or project manager
  • designer
  • developer
  • performance analyst
  • portfolio manager
  • product manager
  • programme delivery manager
  • quality assurance analyst
  • service manager
  • technical architect
  • user researcher
  • web operations engineer

The framework is based on the approach detailed in the Government Service Design Manual and complies with the Digital by Default Service Standard. We have designed specific contract terms and conditions that reflect the flexible, iterative way of an agile approach.




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The Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 agreement supports the delivery of the Government Digital Strategy:

  • Giving public sector buyers easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities, who comply with the Digital by Default Standard and align with the Government Digital Service Design Manual
  • Providing a large, diverse pool of capable suppliers from small and medium size businesses to the agile practices of the traditional tier-one / system integration suppliers
  • Ensuring supplier capacity to enable the delivery of digital projects at multiple UK locations
  • Providing a flexible and speedy route to meet customers’ digital project commissioning requirements
  • Dynamic in style, regularly refreshed, following agile methodology in short delivery Sprint, learning from and incorporating lessons learned in the next iteration of the framework.

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Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 is available through the Digital Marketplace. You will need to run a further competition for each requirement by using the online buying tool on the Digital Marketplace.

Guidance on how to carry out the buying process is also available on the Digital Marketplaceas well as buyer and supplier guidance.

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As digital outcomes are generally a new service with no previous spend to compare against, the benefit methodology is to take an average of all bids under the tender and compare to the winning bid.

All buyers must complete and return the buyer benefits form to cloud_digital[at][dot]uk

Returning this form will enable us to claim savings against this agreement and manage suppliers holistically for the benefit of the whole public sector and the taxpayer.

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Why was the agreement developed?

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 has been developed to create a diverse pool of specialist agile service providers to enable government and the public sector move traditional services to a user centric design service, which is lower cost and flexible to enable continuous development and improvement. It specifically enables and supports the Government’ digital by default strategy and cloud adoption commitment.

Government terms and conditions have been specifically designed for the agile way of working.

Ensuring that project developed intellectual property rights (IPR) are owned by the buyer and can be shared and re-used with any other public sector buyer.


How was the agreement developed?

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 has been developed in collaboration with the Government Digital Service (GDS), building on the feedback received from users on Digital Services 1, 2 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

This iteration has been re-designed by a multi-disciplined team from CCS, GDS and GLD (Government Legal Department). The design has encompassed buyer and supplier engagement, feedback and iteration.

Contract simplification and the use of Plain English has played a large part in the redesign of this iteration of the framework.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 1 - click here to view suppliers
1 Digital Outcomes Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/01/2018
2 Digital Specialists Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/01/2018
3 User Research Studios Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/01/2018
4 User Research Participants Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/01/2018

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Customer Service Desk: 0345 410 2222

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