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Network Services

Contract ID: RM1045

Start Date: 27/07/2015

End Date: 26/07/2019


Synopsis: Networks and telecommunications services, including the Public Services Network and the Health and Social Care Network.


Full description: Network Services covers networks and telecommunications services for all public sector organisations. This agreement provides access to specialist suppliers who can deliver the services under the 10 individual lots, as well as suppliers who can provide multiple services across a number of lots. The ability to appoint an agent, to procure on your behalf from this agreement, provides additional flexibility for complex requirements.

The breakdown of services into separate lots and a focus on core components within those lots has encouraged the participation of more small businesses providing niche solutions.

All NHS organisations are required to procure network services through Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) compliant suppliers on this agreement. HSCN is the data network that replaces N3. If you are buying for health and care organisations you can also use the HSCN dynamic purchasing system (RM3825).

If you need only maintenance for technology products use the Technology services 2 agreement (RM3804), and to buy hardware use Technology products 2 agreement (RM3733).



  • Flexible contract lengths
  • Migration path for legacy technology
  • Savings from new and emerging technologies
  • Pre-defined and agreed contract terms and conditions with some ability for minor variations. 

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There are 10 lots. Some suppliers can deliver across a number of lots, others offer solutions in just one lot. The structure is designed to encourage more small businesses to participate.‚Äč Each lot contains a core component which must form part of your requirement.

There are three ways to buy:

Direct award
Available on all lots, direct award is suitable for straightforward requirements. Supplier offers are shown in the government eMarketplace. If you currently use Zanzibar you should already be able to access the catalogue.

Short form further competition 
Use this if you do not want to amend call-off terms and your requirement can be met through one lot of the agreement.

General further competition 
Use this if you need maximum flexibility, and the ability to run cross-lot competitions. This lot allows you to appoint an agent as an additional requirement.

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Cashable savings are calculated against a 2014/2015 baseline. If this is not possible we use baseline costs which will be established by using the previous annual price paid for your service prior to using the agreement.

With a good selection of suppliers in each lot you will achieve best value for money and demonstrable savings either through the further competition process or the competitive catalogue for direct award.

Non-cashable savings will be realised through reduced procurement timescales and the ability to run competitions across lots to reduce the number of procurements required.

The number and diversity of suppliers will lead to innovative solutions and increased competition in the bidding process. The direct award option via the technology catalogue will significantly reduce procurement costs by removing the need to run a further competition.

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The agreement replaces three existing arrangements: RM860 PSN Connectivity, RM1498 PSN Services and RM1035 Telephony Services; and provides a path for customers to migrate services from a number of legacy in-scope arrangements.

Procurement objectives were:

1. Sustainable procurement vehicle

  • Divide the scope into lots, reflecting market demand and supply
  • Appoint enough suppliers to service customer demand
  • Ensure a range of supplier types and sizes
  • Encourage innovation

2. Reduce barriers of entry, especially for small and medium businesses

  • Apply suitably focussed capability tests
  • Reduce the complexity of participating in the procurement
  • Reduce the complexity of the terms & conditions

3. Be technology agnostic

  • Describe outcomes, not technologies
  • Support PSN and non-PSN services

4. Offer value for money to our customers

  • Offer a range of ordering procedures
  • A flexible catalogue to support direct award, where appropriate
  • Simplified order form
  • Customer guidance documentation
  • Opportunity to procure agency services, constrained to the framework

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 57 - click here to view suppliers
Agency Services Agency Services (can only be procured with one of the lots detailed below) Technology 14 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
1 Data access services Technology 25 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
2 Local connectivity services Technology 25 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
3 Traditional telephony services Technology 24 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
4 Inbound telephony services Technology 23 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
5 IP telephony services Technology 24 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
6 Mobile voice and data services Technology 18 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
7 Paging services Technology 6 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
8 Video-conferencing services Technology 24 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
9 Audio-conferencing services Technology 16 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019
10 Integrated communications Technology 23 - click here to view suppliers 26/07/2019

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Networks Duty Officer

0345 410 2222

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