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Workforce Management

Contract ID: RM1072

Start Date: 15/06/2015

End Date: 14/06/2019


This agreement is for the provision of services related to the flexible and effective use of workforce resources. Included in the scope of the agreement are:

Services relating to the flexible use of resources including:

  • Flexible resource pool (staff bank) set up
  • Operation and management of an existing flexible resource pool (managed staff bank)
  • Operation, management and employment or engagement of a flexible resource pool (fully outsourced managed staff bank)
  • Control and management of contingent labour

Services relating to the effective use of resources including:

  • Workforce analysis and advice services to understand demand patterns and current utilisation of substantive and flexible workforce
  • Workforce optimisation services such as shift planning, absence management and forecasting and budgeting
  • Investment analysis to determine whether an in-house or fully outsourced flexible resource pool solution is required


In addition to the spend and savings opportunities the agreement can offer:

  • Support for the procurement development programme for the NHS
  • Full end to end planning and delivery solutions available
  • Increased level of competition in a market with a dominant supplier
  • Active supplier management against KPIs addressing demand management
  • Flexible solutions available to suit customer needs
  • Access to experienced workforce management solution providers
  • Flexible pricing strategy to suit individual needs
  • Compliance through vetted approved suppliers and sub-contractors
  • No charges to access the agreement

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You can access the agreement in two ways:

Option 1: Direct Award

If you are able to determine that your requirements can be met by the services as described in Framework Schedule 2 (Service Specification) and all of the terms of the proposed call-off agreement are laid down in this Framework Agreement and the Template Call-Off Terms do not require amendment or any supplementary terms and conditions (other than the inclusion of optional provisions already provided for in the Template Call-Off Terms) then you may award a call-off agreement using the direct award process as described in Framework Schedule 5: Call-Off Procedure.

Option 2: Further Competition

If you require the supplier to develop a solution to meet your specific requirements or need to amend or refine the template Call-Off Terms to reflect those requirements then you can award a call-off in accordance with the further competition procedure. 

Details of the call-off ordering process can be found at schedules 4, 5 and 6 of the framework agreement. The framework has been created to provide for maximum capped prices which are expected to be tailored on the basis of the specific nature of the services through further competitions or direct award. Details of pricing can be found by accessing the eSourcing Suite.

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The agreement was developed to provide access for customers, in particular NHS bodies, to a flexible range of workforce management services.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Workforce Management Professional Services 8 - click here to view suppliers 14/06/2019

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Philip Thomas

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