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Managed eMail

Contract ID: RM1085

Start Date: 29/08/2014

End Date: 28/08/2017


This agreement expired on 28 August 2017.

This page and all attached documents remain visible purely as an archive for reference by customers and suppliers with open call off contracts.



  • Comprehensive set of requirements established in partnership with key stakeholders;
  • A wide range of secure hosted managed email services and complementary services;
  • Standardised provision of supplier information to enable customers to compare services easily and obtain best value, whilst still allowing for innovative solutions;
  • Multi-tenanted hosted services, which will deliver the benefits of shared services such as spreading the cost to set-up and manage platforms across a number of organisations;
  • Reduce the need for local investment in infrastructure and help support sustainability by sharing services;
  • Aggregation and competition to drive down price, procurement and supplier bid costs;
  • Ability to purchase via direct award a range of service packages directly from the catalogue.

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The lot details tab will be populated shortly. In the meantime, supplier information by lot can be viewed here

In the first instance please read the Managed Email Guidance Notes for full details on how you can access the agreement.

Further Competition

A Further Competition may be conducted in one or multiple stages, although a two stage process is normally sufficient. If a two-stage process is conducted, the first stage will identify the suppliers capable of providing the required services. The second (or only) stage will contain the finalised technical solution and the price. The price should only be evaluated once as the final (or only) stage.

You should specify your requirements by completing a call-off form, which is available from the documents tab. Some of the requirements to be set out in the call-off form will include:

  • Identifying the required services:
    • Standard services that conform to standard service requirements specified in the framework agreement, for which service descriptions reflecting those requirements are available for all suppliers (available for download in the documents tab on this page), and/or
    • Bespoke services to meet customer-specified requirements (within the scope of this framework agreement) for which standard services are not available
  • Specifying the required service levels, which may consist of affirming the default service levels provided as Schedule 2.1 to the call-off contract
  • Providing all necessary information to complete all appendices to the extent possible and indicating where input from the contractor will be required as part of its tender
  • Considering whether, in the context of the particular proposed call-off contract, any of the call-off terms (including the schedules) need to be amended or overridden by including any special terms in the call-off form.

Direct Award

Direct orders can be placed, without further competition to service definitions as defined within the framework agreement and more specifically within the service package.

If you wish to place a direct award and there are multiple suppliers who can fulfil your requirements it must be at the service levels and prices and using the contractual conditions, that have been set out in the service package and call-off contract.

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Cash savings will be demonstrated based on the purchase prices of the services taken against a baseline (cost in 2009/10) figure.

Baseline data for similar services is not centrally available. Baseline data for the services being purchased will be required from each customer as part of their Order Form. Ideally, this would be line level detail for the expenditure in 2009/10 for the service being replaced. We understand that this is not always possible, and so customers will be required as an alternative to provide last price paid data.

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We became aware of the growing need within the public sector for large scale secure email services hosted in a multi-tenanted environment.

This opportunity came to the fore when we learned about the intentions of the Health and Social Care Information Commission (HSCIC) to procure a managed email service to replace NHSmail and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to procure a replacement to its Criminal Justice Secure Mail (CJSM) service.

Once these requirements were understood the benefits of developing a single compliant route to market became clear to enable HSCIC, MoJ, and other public sector organisations to procure managed email services leveraging a multi-tenant / shared service environment.

The agreement was developed with support from with two key stakeholders, HSCIC and the MoJ.

Significant pre-market engagement was undertaken, led by HSCIC. Thorough consultation with stakeholders (customer and suppliers) led the development and refinment of the requirements for the agreement. It is this requirement that we took to market to procure the Managed eMail agreement.

The agreement is fully managed by us with HSCIC committed to utilising it for their own further competition shortly after launch.

We will apply supplier relationship management principles to effectively manage the suppliers and continually monitor the cost of service packages and further competitions to ensure best value is maintained.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 1 - click here to view suppliers
1 Small volume email implementation Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/08/2017
2 Medium volume email implementation Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/08/2017
3 Large volume email implementation Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/08/2017

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Framework Manager Contact Details

John McCourt

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