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ePurchasing Card Solution

Contract ID: RM1095

Start Date: 18/08/2014

End Date: 18/08/2018



Any documents relevant to the expired RM1095 framework agreement and visible on this webpage are for INFORMATION purposes ONLY


We have been working with stakeholders across central government and the wider public sector as well as with the supply market on developing a new commercial agreement for the provision of Payment Solutions. We are pleased to announce that the OJEU contract notice and associated documentation was released on 24th July 2018. The tender will close in late August and evaluation will happen across September and October. Award is expected in late October - early November 2018.

The tender documents are available to review at the above link.

We expect public sector organisations to be able to begin the call off process in December 2018.

Please see below for further information. We will update the Payment Solutions page on the CCS website if there are any changes, please monitor this for information.

Further details will be released nearer the go live date. If you have any further questions at this point, please direct all first line enquiries to the CCS help desk:


0345 410 2222


For existing RM1095 Customers


CCS recognises that there is a gap in provision between the expiration of the current RM1095 e-Purchasing Card Solution framework and the award of its replacement and that this may result in some customers having to consider their options in order to ensure ‘continuity of service’.

Primarily so that customers affected are able to ensure continuity of service, CCS recommends that customers consider the agreement of a short term extension to their existing call off for a period of 6-9 months with their incumbent supplier. Please note that we recommend that you take appropriate commercial and legal advice as part of this process.

The extension period will enable your ‘continuity of service’ and should also enable you to review the outputs of the tender process and subsequent award of the RM3828 Payment Solutions framework, so that you are able to assess and decide whether you wish to carry out a further competition or consider a direct award.

Based on current procurement timelines we currently envisage that the replacement agreement will be accessible for customers from 3rd December 2018. 


For potential CCS Customers


Based on current timelines we envisage that the replacement RM3828 Payment Solutions framework agreement will be accessible for customers from 3rd December 2018.

CCS would advise potential customers to explore any flexibility within their current agreement to ensure ‘continuity of service’ for a period of approximately 6-9 months, or look to undertake a compliant procurement process for the same period. This will allow sufficient time for you to review the outputs of the tender process, decide how you wish to access the agreement and allow suitable time to implement.

Please also see the Financial Services Brochure for further information.






  • annual rebate on spend from your chosen supplier - dependent upon volume and payment terms. In the past 2 years rebates to customers totalled over £10 million
  • switching to our programme can typically save you between £28 and £45 per card
  • save at least £5 per transaction compared to traditional purchasing methods, such as bank transfer
  • customers have reduced the number of invoices they have to deal with by as much as 45% - and are able to pay around 20% more on time
  • suppliers are guaranteed to be paid within 3 working days - helping meet prompt payment targets
  • management information will help you understand your spending and support contract negotiations with frequently used suppliers
  • control spend by setting monthly or single transaction limits
  • ‘lodge’ a card with top suppliers so employees can make purchases efficiently without the need for a physical card
  • compliance with a pre-tendered agreement
  • security as all suppliers will be accredited to ISO 27001 series within 12 months of award
  • economies of scale, no card fees, other charges lower than ‘retail’ and a rebate based on throughput

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Lot 1

Lot 1 of the solution can be accessed by either:

  1. Direct award following an internal assessment of bid offers or:
  2. Conducting a further competition

We recommend that all customers enter into a new call-off contract with their chosen supplier.

You will be responsible for managing your call-off contract and will have your own account management arrangements with your chosen supplier.

Lot 2

As lot 2 is single supplier, this can only be accessed by direct award. You should therefore complete and issue the order form to the service provider to enter in to a compliant call-off contract.

Most of the content in the call-off contract is pre-completed material detailing the standardised service and charging model. The call-off contract consists of the following elements:

  • The order form
  • Call-off contract terms and conditions
  • Call-off contract schedules

The order form captures essential details relating to the specific contract, providing a summary as well as being the document for putting the contract in place.

Both parties enter into the call-off contract by signing the order form.

The terms and conditions are mainly standard government provisions that will be applicable to all call-off contracts.

A call-off can run for up to two years beyond the expiry date of the agreement. This means early adopters have the ability to call-off for up to six years.

Direct award

Within the assessment pack you will find support and guidance to help you select the most suitable supplier to meet your needs.

Where your requirements can be closely met by a particular supplier there is no need to conduct a further competition.

You should enter into a call-off directly with your chosen supplier.

Further competition (lot 1 only)

Where you need further detail from suppliers not available within the assessment pack or you wish to further compete the commercial structure of this solution, there may be a requirement for a further competition.

Should a full further competition be considered necessary, you will find support and guidance in the assessment pack or alternatively email[at][dot]uk for assistance.

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Customers can make savings by negotiating discounts, e.g. for early payment and improving controls by using embedded or lodged cards.

Savings in the form of rebate are paid directly to customers.

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The Crown Commercial Service, as the contracting authority in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (as amended), has put in place a pan-government collaborative agreement for use by UK public sector bodies identified at VI.3 (and any future successors to these organisations), which include central government departments and their arm's length bodies and agencies, non departmental public bodies, NHS bodies and local authorities.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 3 - click here to view suppliers
1 Wider Public Sector eCommerce 3 - click here to view suppliers 18/08/2018
2 Central Government eCommerce 1 - click here to view suppliers 18/08/2018

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