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PSN Services

Contract ID: RM1498

Start Date: 27/06/2012

End Date: 26/06/2016


This agreement expired on 26 June 2016.

This page and all attached documents remain visible purely as an archive for reference by customers and suppliers with open call off contracts.

The successor agreement, Network Services (RM1045), went live on 27 July 2015.

The PSN Services framework allows you to purchase services that are compliant with PSN standards. The ten lots under the framework cover a wide range of services.

Connectivity cannot be procured through this framework, with the exception of mobile connectivity, which can be procured through lot 6. The appropriate framework for this is PSN Connectivity (RM860).

  • Lot 1 includes the following:
    • Traditional (TDM) Telephony
    • Hybrid Telephony (using Gateways I.E. Q sig converters to allow an evolutionary  approach to IP based solutions) 
    • IP-based Telephony systems
    • Call packages (e.g. inbound and outbound voice minutes) and number services such as DDI / premium rate / non-geographic / enquiries
    • Conferencing and collaboration software (including audio-conferencing, desktop videoconferencing, web conferencing, collaboration software
    • Internet, email and website services and integrated messaging / unified communications
    • Hosting and storage
  • Lot 2 covers CCTV (including storage, image recognition etc), alarms and remote locking as well as management of CCTV as a service
  • Lot 3 covers videoconferencing and telepresence
  • Lot 4 covers management of equipment rooms which controls LANs and local telephony services
  • Lot 5 covers all aspects of call and contact centres, based on both traditional and IP technologies
  • Lot 6 covers mobile voice and data
  • Lot 7 covers paging services
  • Lot 8 covers managed and unmanaged LAN, including infrastructure and cabling
  • Lot 9 covers IL-IL gateways and system-to-system gateways, including internet gateways and remote access services
  • Lot 10 allows you to buy any combination of the services available under the other nine lots. This lot has been included for use by customers who are replacing large and highly-integrated network/telecoms contracts rather than as a default route for procurement. This one-stop-shop approach does offer some flexibility. If your requirements include, for example, CCTV, then you can buy those services from a supplier under lot 10 as part of an integrated requirement even though that supplier might not supply them under the specialist CCTV lot. It is likely that keener competitions would be available from the specialist lots.


Benefits associated with the adoption of a multi-framework approach to the delivery of the PSN Services agreement include:

  • Services compliant with PSN Standards
  • A wide range of services for networking and telecoms
  • The utilisation of aggregation and competition to drive down price, procurement and supplier bid costs, via each framework
  • The enablement of control and rationalisation in procuring an underlying PSN compliant infrastructure, via PSN Connectivity
  • The opportunity to open up the marketplace, stimulate and harness innovation for PSN Services
  • Supporting the realisation of PSN Benefits, described in the PSN Benefits Guide (published January 2011)
  • Access to a range of Multi National, National and Small to Medium Enterprise suppliers

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All lots

You are advised in the first instance to read the guidance notes to familiarise yourself with the framework ordering procedures.

All call-off contracts must be awarded as a result of a further competition (except lots 6 & 7 see below).  Our customised eSourcing suite can help you to do this.  A Further Competition may be conducted in one or multiple stages, although a two stage process is normally sufficient.  If a two-stage process is conducted, the first stage will identify the framework contractors capable of providing the required services. The second (or only) stage will contain the finalised technical solution and the price. The price should only be evaluated once as the final (or only) stage.

Customers specify their requirements by completing a call-off form, which is available for download from the eSourcing suite. The requirements specified in the call-off form will include the following:

  • Identifying the required services which may include:
    • Standard services that conform to standard service requirements specified in the framework agreement, for which service descriptions reflecting those requirements are available for all framework contractors (available for download in the documents tab on this page), and/or
    • Bespoke services to meet customer-specified requirements (within the scope of this framework agreement) for which standard services are not available
  • Specifying the required service levels, which may consist of affirming the default service levels provided as Schedule 2.1 to the call-off contract
  • Stating whether the customer is purchasing the services for itself and/or in order to supply those services on to any indirect customers (where an “indirect customer” does not contract directly with the contractor but receives the services via a “direct customer” – facilitating aggregation by umbrella organisations)
  • Stating whether the customer wishes to appoint one or more agents (including service/system integrators) to act in pursuance of any of the customer’s rights or to perform any of its obligations or functions – including forming call-off contracts
  • Stating whether it wishes the contractor to enter into a call-off cooperation agreement (an agreement with other suppliers to the customer of related and/or dependent services to help assure the customer’s overall service integrity)
  • Completing all appendices to the extent possible and indicating where input from the contractor will be required as part of its tender
  • Considering whether, in the context of the particular proposed call-off contract, any of the call-off terms (including the schedules) need to be amended or overridden by including any special terms in the call-off form.

Lots 6 & 7

Direct orders can be placed, without further competition, for mobiles and pagers at prices and to service definitions as defined within lots 6 & 7.

If you wish to place a direct award and there are multiple suppliers who can fulfil your requirements, then the award decision must be made solely on the basis of price. If you do decide on a direct award, these must be at the service levels and prices, and using the contractual conditions, that have been set out in the call-off contract.

Accessing pricing for PSN Services Lots 6 & 7

For general enquiries on this framework please email:

Supplier NameEmail address
Airwave Solutionsinfo[at][dot]uk
Azzurri Communications Ltd publicsector[at][dot]uk
British Telecommunications plcccsframeworks[at]bt[dot]com
Capita Business Services Ltditsbidsupport[at][dot]uk
Airbus DS Ltdchuck.richards[at]airbus[dot]com
Computacenter (UK) LtdGovernment[at]computacenter[dot]com 
CSC Computer Sciences LimitedGCloud[at]csc[dot]com 
Daisy Communications Ltdpsn[at]daisycorporate[dot]com 
Dimension Data Comms UK Ltduk.enquiries[at]dimensiondata[dot]com
Easynet Global ServicesPublicSectorSales[at]easynet[dot]com 
Everything Everywhere LimitedPaul.lowman[at][dot]uk
Freedom Communications (Uk)[at]freedomcomms[dot]com
Gamma Telecom Ltdpsn[at][dot]uk 
Icom Holdings Ltdpsn[at]icomtel[dot]com 
KCOM Group Plcpsn.frameworks[at]kcom[dot]com
Logicalis Uk[at]uk.logicalis[dot]com
PageOne Communications Ltd info[at][dot]uk
Phoenix IT Group LimitedGovernment.PSN[at][dot]uk.
Specialist Computer Centrepublicsectorsales[at]scc[dot]com
Telefonica UK LtdUKFrameworks[at]o2[dot]com
telent Technology Services Limitedservices[at]telent[dot]com
Thales UK Limited thalesPSN[at]uk.thalesgroup[dot]com[at]unify[dot]com
Virgin Media Business Limitedpublicprocurement[at][dot]uk.
Vodafone LimitedPSN[at]vodafone[dot]com



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Cash savings will be demonstrated based on the purchase prices of the services taken, and for demand management, based on use of the PSN framework providing evidence that customers have been able to rationalise their infrastructures.

There are separate methodologies for lots 6 & 7 (mobile voice/data, and pagers respectively) and the other lots.

Baseline of all lots except 6 & 7

As PSN is a new service, baseline data for similar services is not centrally available. Baseline data for the services being purchased will be required from each customer as part of further competition activity. Ideally, this would be line level detail for 09/10 data. We understand that this is not always possible, and so customers will be required to provide last price paid data.

The baseline data sought will also include areas where demand management has excluded comparable services being requested via Further Competition, e.g., where services are no longer deemed necessary.

Customers of the PSN frameworks are requested to complete the ‘PSN baseline data template’ attached.

Baseline for lots 6 & 7

A pan-government baseline of average cost of connection (spend/number of connections) has been calculated because the services were essentially the same in specification and price for Central Government and Non-Central Government in 09/10.

This data will be broken down further into a monthly comparison throughout the year against each respective month during the 09/10 baseline and each subsequent year, allowing the calculation of monthly savings delivery.

We shall review the Benefit Methodology at regular intervals, as a picture of 10/11 and 11/12 data builds, based on PPN06 MI templates received from framework contractors monthly.

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PSN requires a change in the way the public sector procures its network services, and the way in which these services are offered. PSN customers will no longer procure physical network assets. Instead, rather like domestic or commercial Internet users, PSN customers will simply buy network services, as and when required and in whatever configuration is preferred, e.g. as an integrated solution of many services, or as an individual service, across a whole organisation or devolved to local groups.

PSN Connectivity and PSN Services, together, replaced existing frameworks: Telecoms Networks (TN) and Mobile Solutions (II) both of which expired at the end of June 2012. The PSN frameworks will also replace the recently award convergence frameworks, GCF and MTCF. The PSN frameworks will provide a complementary approach to the marketplace, merging PSN standards with the need to meet customer service requirements. The PSN procurement strategy forms an integral part of the Government's ICT strategy.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 1 - click here to view suppliers
1 Communications Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
2 CCTV & Physical Security Monitoring Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
3 Conferencing Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
4 Managed Equipment Room Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
5 Contact Centre Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
6 Mobile Voice & Data Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
7 Paging Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
8 LAN Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
9 Gateway Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016
10 Unified Services Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 26/06/2016

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Networks Duty Officer

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