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Merchant Acquiring Services, Equipment and Payment Gateway Services

Contract ID: RM3702

Start Date: 01/03/2016

End Date: 28/02/2020


Synopsis: Services and equipment that will enable your organisation to accept payments by debit card, credit card and other methods directly into a bank account.


Full description: This agreement covers:

  • Merchant services, which reconcile payments made from a customer's card account to your account
  • Equipment such as terminals and internet solutions for the payment process
  • Payment gateway with which you can accept online or phone payment by debit and credit cards, e-wallets and alternative payment solutions.



  • Receive payment quickly and securely
  • Reduce the cost of receiving card payments thanks to competitive rates, no management charges, reduced terminal hire fees, pence per transaction payment gateway fees and volume discounts
  • Uninterrupted service 24/7 x 365
  • Take advantage of payment innovations
  • Email info[at][dot]uk for a pricing guide.

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Read Annex G (see attached documents) which explains the process. All suppliers in lot 3 are capable of providing the services in lots 1 and 2. To comply with procurement regulations you must invite suppliers from lot 3 who offer the same service when running further competitions in lots 1 and 2.

A call off contract cannot last more than two years beyond the expiry of the agreement.

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We anticipate you will achieve cost savings over and above current charges.

We have negotiated a transparent pricing structure and created opportunities for all organisations to benefit from reduced pricing based on aggregated transaction volumes.

A pricing guide is available on request - email info[at][dot]uk

The pricing schedules have been constructed in a matrix format with numerous permutations on pricing subject to:

Card type i.e. credit or debit card – based on the 20 most common cards in use. Alternative payment methods are also catered for e.g.  e wallet

Secure and non-secure payments i.e. chip and pin, secure payments, with or without the Payment Gateway

Average transaction values – this is to reflect stakeholders average payments processed and these are banded by payment ranges and derive the best fit for customers E.g.

£0-30                                                                     £30-£100                                                           £100-£225                                                            >£225

Suppliers may provide a discount or an improvement on pricing, on a sliding scale for those contracting authorities who wish to pay their invoice within specified periods ranging between 1 to 28 days. This element should be specified in your requirements.

Additionally a further discount or price improvement may also be achieved subject to when you decide to receive settlement of funds from your chosen supplier. The pricing frameworks are fixed on settlement periods of 2, 7 or 14 days

A good understanding of an organisation's payment methodologies, transaction numbers and average payment ranges will be required to ensure that contracting authorities derive the best fit and value from the pricing available or if there is a need for further competition.

The pricing for this agreement is considered to be commercially sensitive and may prejudice the suppliers involved if made publically available. The pricing schedule and a pricing guide will be made available to you on request - e mail info[at][dot]uk

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The agreement replaces the previous DVLA and GBS Merchant Acquiring contracts and aims to formalise the use of debit card, credit card and alternative payment methods, which many organisations already use and which are already secured by the financial institutions.

Based on stakeholder requirements and the technological developments within the market we derived a strategy to merge the UK public sector’s requirements under one central framework agreement.

The agreement provides the opportunity to:

  • Refresh the existing requirement for key customers, whilst also taking advantage of market changes and new innovation.
  • Introduce and attract new and/or additional potential Suppliers to increase competition.
  • Increase savings opportunities both in terms of process efficiencies and a reduction in fees with much greater focus on secure transactions, delivering significant savings from reduced Interchange fees.
  • Address Office for Government Senior Information Risk Owner (OGSIRO) request to deliver data security to the very latest standard.
  • Standardise the service delivery i.e. security compliance, management information, KPIs, response times etc.
  • Compliment and support future growth of the CCS Merchant Acquiring Services offering to meet changing business needs.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 4 - click here to view suppliers
1 Merchant Acquiring Services and Equipment eCommerce 2 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2020
2 Merchant Acquiring and Payment Gateway Services eCommerce 2 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2020
3 Merchant Acquiring Services, Equipment and Payment Gateway Services eCommerce 3 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2020

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