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Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector

Contract ID: RM3703

Start Date: 05/03/2015

End Date: 04/03/2019



Stationery, paper, small office machines, electronic office consumables, janitorial products and personal protective equipment for the wider public sector.

CCS is currently reviewing procurement timescales and will provide you with more detail within the next few weeks. Please be assured our priority is to ensure continuity of framework coverage for customers. 


Full description

This single-lot agreement for buying office supplies, janitorial products and personal protective equipment. It is available for the wider public sector only.



  • Product list chosen for the wider public sector
  • Scope to aggregate requirements with those of other organisations
  • Opportunity to make further savings with an eAuction
  • Range of delivery options
  • Flexibility in price and service; and
  • Meets the Government Buying Standards and the Greening Government Commitment.

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There are three ways to buy off this agreement:

1. Direct award

Use direct award for small ad hoc orders.

  • Develop a clear statement of requirements

  • Make sure your statement of requirements are within the scope of the Call Off Agreement Schedule 2 (Goods) - see the documents tab

  • Check that the agreement and call off terms do not need amendment.


2. Further competition

Use further competition for larger contracts.

  • Invite all suppliers to make their best offer for your requirements

  • The supplier offering the most economically advantageous tender wins.

Read the customer guidance document or contact officesupplies[at][dot]uk if you need advice on running a further competition.


3. eAuction

An eAuction allows you to combine (aggregate) your requirement with other public sector organisations or compete your own purchases as part of a further competition. It is recommended that you agree a standardised service and product list when combining your requirements with other organisations.

To take part in an eAuction, contact officesupplies[at][dot]uk.



Details of the maximum prices suppliers will charge you under the agreement are on our eSourcing tool or the Crown Marketplace. There is the opportunity to further reduce prices through further competition and eAuction (see 2 and 3 above).


Crown Marketplace

The office supplies framework eCatalogue beta is now available on CCS’s Purchasing Platform for wider public sector organisations.

Sign up to the Purchasing Platform.

To sign up you will need to know whether your organisation’s procurement policy and processes permit you to issue a purchase order directly from within the Procurement Platform (quote and purchase), or whether you need to obtain a system quote for onward processing using another system or process (quote only).


Using CCS eSourcing tool


Updating us 

When you sign any call off contract under this agreement, you must notify us. Email officesupplies[at][dot]uk. Include:

  • Who you have bought from

  • Value of the contract with the supplier

  • Estimated savings compared to what you were paying or would have paid

  • Start date, end date and any option to extend the contract.

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Savings can be calculated primarily in two ways:

  • Based on customers’ previous prices

  • In line with Cabinet Office guidance on 09/10 baseline costs

The most effective way to achieve savings is by running a further competition or taking part in an eAuction.  If known volume and historical spend information is provided upfront the suppliers are likely to provide a more competitive bid, delivering you significant savings.

If you wish to take part in an eAuction you can expect to achieve in excess of 25% savings based on what you currently pay.  Recent eAuctions confirm that this is a realistic estimate of what can be achieved.

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A public sector office supplies strategy was developed to undertake a two phased approach, with the first phase being the RM3703 office supplies for the wider public sector framework to replace the RM781 framework which expired on 7 January 2015.  This agreement is a one stop shop contractual vehicle that will provide the necessary choice and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of a wide customer base, whilst at the same time optimising savings opportunity with regular competition and benchmarking to ensure best value.
It is intended phase 2 which will follow in the last quarter of 2014/15 will be a strategic partnering relationship with a limited number of suppliers, providing a route for central government and wider public sector customers with a similar organisational and servicing profile to maximise strategic leverage within the marketplace. This overall approach together with the Office Supplies Marketplace solution, hosted through the Government eMarketplace called Contracts Directory, due to launch in April 2015, will provide a full end to end service for your office supplies requirements.
We placed a PIN advertisement on 4 June 2014 (PIN Reference number 2014/S 108-189685) providing details of the intention to procure Office Supplies. 
HMRC, on behalf of the Crown Commercial Service, placed an OJEU advertisement on 2 September 2014 (OJEU number 2014/S 169-300237) through the HMRC Emptoris eSourcing Suite for the provision of Office Supplies. The OJEU set out the scope and structure of the new offering.
The evaluation criteria was defined as 40% quality and 60% price. 
Following full compliance checks, tenders were evaluated in accordance with the published evaluators guidance and methodology and the evaluation award criteria.
The framework agreement was awarded on 5 March 2015 to six suppliers for an initial period of 2 years.  The scope of the framework agreement covers the following product groups:
  • Office Stationery - General office stationery products such as pens, pencils, desktop accessories, filing, presentation items, diaries and associated office supplies including catering consumables.
  • Office Paper - Office paper products such as cut paper and board.
  • Janitorial Products - Janitorial cleaning products such as washroom supplies, blue roll, washing-up liquid and refuse sacks.
  • Small Office Machines - Small office machines such as desktop printers, paper shredding machines, label making machines and laminators.
  • Personal Protection Equipment - Personal Protection Equipment such as safety clothing, hard hats, first aid kits and eye protectors.
  • Electronic Office Supplies - Electronic office supplies such as ink and toner printer cartridges, electronic storage media and peripherals.
To ensure we are getting the best value from the agreement, all suppliers will be managed by the category team on a bi-monthly basis through a series of teleconferences, face to face, quarterly and strategic review meetings focussed around compliance with agreed KPIs/service levels, customer satisfaction, spend, demand management and savings delivery.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector Office 6 - click here to view suppliers 04/03/2019

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Office Category

0345 410 2222

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