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Media Monitoring and Evaluation and Related Services

Contract ID: RM3708

Start Date: 01/06/2015

End Date: 31/05/2019


This is a multi-supplier agreement for the monitoring and analysis of media coverage to enable the evaluation of communications campaigns. Services are available across two lots:


Lot 1 – Media Monitoring and Evaluation and Related Services

This is for the provision of press, online, social media and broadcast monitoring and human-driven evaluation and analysis of the monitored media. You can contract with a supplier for any or all of the following core services:

  • Press Monitoring - monitoring of specified keywords and topics within print content
  • Online Monitoring - monitoring of news website content that includes specified keywords and topics, including monitoring of non-written content such as infographics and imagery
  • Social Media Monitoring - monitoring of social media content on feeds including, but not limited to, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Broadcast Monitoring - monitoring content on television, radio and web broadcasts that includes specified keywords and topics
  • Human-driven Evaluation and Analysis - the evaluation and analysis of the results of monitoring through human review

Selected agencies may also provide one or more optional services which are available when you order core services, including:

  • automated evaluation
  • forward planning database
  • journalist contact database

A list of the optional services offered by suppliers is available in the customer guidance notes which can be downloaded from the documents tab below.

Lot 2 – Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool

This is for the provision of a social media monitoring and analysis tool enabling you to monitor and analyse social media items from a range of social media platforms including, but not limited to, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and public forums.

Management Charge for CG clients

Central Government clients using this framework are required to pay a management charge of 1% of the total contract value. 

The charge is a set contribution from all government communications expenditure through the frameworks that effectively funds the cross government profession, Government Communication Service. It has been in existence since 2013/14 and approved by the Civil Service Board, Ministerial Board and with the agreement of all Directors of Communications.

The 1% management charge is collected by the appointed agency on behalf of GCS and is added to the total net value of each invoice. This charge is not payable by non-central government public sector clients.



  • Increased procurement efficiency: use of the pre-tendered agreement avoids the time and costs associated with a full competitive tender.
  • Quality of service provision: suppliers’ experience, expertise and commitment to quality are assessed at the time of the initial procurement. Customer satisfaction with the suppliers’ performance is monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Terms and conditions: with one set of contractual terms and conditions, there’s no need to re-draft and/or re-negotiate terms for each call-off contract undertaken.
  • Encouraging best practice: our terms and conditions incorporate current best practice into the operations of an agreement. Customer guidance on use of this agreement includes advice on best practice for contracting with suppliers.
  • Management Information: we collect detailed management information from suppliers to monitor overall performance and usage of the agreement and provide a comprehensive view of cross-government media spend.
  • EU compliance: the agreement is fully compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.
  • Reduced commercial risk: commercial risk is minimised through standardisation and robust management of terms and conditions.
  • Improved supplier performance: strategic relationships with key providers to the public sector to gain better value for money, by taking out cost, improving performance and aligning agencies with government/ organisational priorities.
  • Value for money: aggregation of spend and leverage of the government requirement to deliver better value for money and cashable savings for the public sector.

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This agreement is available to all central government departments; their arm’s length bodies (ALBs) and wider public sector organisations including health, local government, emergency services, education and devolved administrations.

Spending controls on advertising, marketing and communications apply to all organisations classified as central government by the Office of National Statistics. If you are a central government customer, you must ensure you have the necessary budget approvals for all spend over £100,000 before starting your procurement. To find out if your organisation is classified as central government, please refer to the ONS National Accounts Sector Classification index

More info on the Professional Assurance Communications Control process and the request template can be found on the Government Communication Service website

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This agreement replaces the Central Office of Information Press Cuttings agreement (RM1726) which on expired 31 March 2015. It has an expanded scope to include various media platforms.

The procurement was undertaken with strong engagement from senior stakeholders and media monitoring experts across the key spending departments to deliver a more streamlined, up-to-date and compliant solution.

We continue to work in partnership with key spending departments to focus on managing relationships, performance management, benchmarking and data sharing to ensure that best deals are maintained.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 7 - click here to view suppliers
1 Media Monitoring and Evaluation and Related Services Communications 4 - click here to view suppliers 31/05/2019
2 Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tool Communications 5 - click here to view suppliers 31/05/2019

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