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Crown Office Supplies

Contract ID: RM3723

Start Date: 31/03/2016

End Date: 30/03/2019


CCS is currently reviewing procurement timescales and will provide you with more detail within the next few weeks. Please be assured our priority is to ensure continuity of framework coverage for customers.  


Price increase: The prices have increased for lot 1, Banner Group Limited, as of 22nd October 2018. The decision was made following analysis of their proposal and the current market, and approved under the terms of agreement for this framework.

If you have an existing arrangement with Banner Group Ltd, you will need to contact the supplier directly to discuss any changes.

The new pricing and revised product catalogue is now available on the CCS e-sourcing suite



This market-leading agreement has been designed to enable public sector customers to access all of their office supplies requirements via a single solution. It helps customers achieve savings by buying through a core list of standard specification products including:

  • Office stationery: general office stationery products such as pens, pencils, desktop accessories, filing, presentation items, diaries and associated office supplies including catering consumables.
  • Office paper: office paper products such as cut paper and board.
  • Janitorial products: janitorial cleaning products such as washroom supplies, blue roll, washing-up liquid and refuse sacks.
  • Small office machines: small office machines such as desktop printers, paper shredding machines, label making machines and laminators.
  • Electronic office supplies: electronic office supplies such as ink and toner printer cartridges.


The agreement provides customers with a wide range of commercial benefits including:

  • Anticipated savings in excess of 20%
  • Competitive prices based on the combined volumes of customers, including wider public sector organisations and all central government departments
  • A single price for the whole of the public sector with transparent fixed costs
  • A single supplier in each lot to achieve real savings
  • A choice of four delivery service options to improve efficiency
  • The core list of standard products is reviewed quarterly based on customers’ buying patterns
  • Compliance with Government Buying Standards for sustainable procurement
  • Complements the existing Wider Public Sector Office Supplies agreement (RM3703)

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Direct award

There is one supplier in each lot so there is no need to run a further competition - you can just directly award a call-off contract to the supplier in either lot 1 or 2 to meet your needs:

To place a direct award call-off contract:

  1. Confirm that the goods and delivery of purchased goods specification (schedule 2) meets your requirements
  2. Confirm that you will only purchase from the core product list in place for each lot and that one of the delivery service options meets your needs
  3. Determine that all of the terms of the framework agreement and the call-off terms do not require any amendments or any supplementary terms and conditions
  4. Complete and agree your call-off contract with the supplier(s)
  5. Confirm details of your call-off contract with the category team

Your call-off contract must not run beyond the expiry date of the agreement - 30 March 2018. We also have the option to extend the agreement for a maximum of two further consecutive terms, each of these being up to a maximum of twelve months.

Core product price list

Full details of each supplier’s core product price list and pre-agreed percentage discount levels from their wider catalogue can be found on the eSourcing tool (registration required).

If you are already registered, log on to the eSourcing tool and follow the instructions below to access the pricing:

  • Hover over the tab at the top of the home page called ‘RFx(s)', then click ‘Manage RFx(s)’
  • Click the tab ‘Templates’ on the left hand side, towards the top of the page
  • Click ‘Search’ (Binoculars icon on right hand side of the page)
  • Type in *RM3723* in the box which says ‘Name’ and press enter
  • Click the relevant lot i.e. RM3723/L1 for lot 1 or RM3723/L2 for lot 2
  • Click ‘RFx Attachments (4)’ at the top of the page or 'Attachments' on the left of the page, towards the bottom of the list
  • Click the blue link for lot 1 or lot 2  under the ‘Content’ title
  • Download the price file

You can also register to access the online catalogues through the Government eMarketplace where you can browse and shop online. The catalogues available are called:

  • RM3723 Banner Crown Office Supplies
  • RM3723 XMA Crown Office Supplies

There is no formal sign up required simply quote RM3723 to access the arrangement.

Once your call-off contract is in place please ensure you email officesupplies[at][dot]uk to confirm for us:

  • which lot you have awarded under
  • estimated contract value
  • estimated savings achieved
  • start date of your call-off contract

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The result of the procurement achieved £20 million in savings for financial year 2016/17 for customers whose volumes we have already been able to aggregate. We expect new customers to be able to achieve savings in excess of 20% based on their current spend, depending on their buying profile.

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The sourcing strategy for this agreement was to build on the success of the previous Government Office Supplies Contract (RM917) to achieve:

  • Competitive prices based on aggregated spend
  • A single price for the whole of the public sector with transparent fixed costs
  • A single supplier in each lot to achieve real savings
  • Improved delivery service options
  • Fit for purpose core product lists
  • A full range of quality, sustainable products that meet the Government Buying Standards
  • Range of online ordering methods
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste reduction / management e.g. reduction in packaging materials
  • Demand management / product rationalisation
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 2 - click here to view suppliers
1 Office Supplies Office 1 - click here to view suppliers 30/03/2019
2 Electronic Office Supplies Office 1 - click here to view suppliers 30/03/2019

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