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Project Management & Full Design Team Services

Contract ID: RM3741

Start Date: 03/05/2017

End Date: 02/05/2019


It is the Crown Commercial Service's intention to take up the option of extending Framework RM3741 Project Management and Full Design Team Services until May 2020 subject to individual supplier agreement. This will be updated once it has been finalised and confirmed by all suppliers.

PMFDTS will enable customers to access project management, design and advisory services to support delivery of property and construction projects.

The framework is the first point of “cradle to grave” services provision in CCS and supported by other frameworks such as Estates Professional Services, Facilities Management Services, Building Materials, Modular Buildings, Furniture and Energy Services.

The PMFDTS Framework agreement (RM3741) will run for 2 years with an option to extend for a further 1+1 years.  

PMFDTS provides strategic, broad based advice across a wide range of disciplines and functions to support, guide and provide innovative solutions to public sector customers.

Services have been categorised into 6 lots and guidance on selecting the appropriate lot is available in the “Documents” tab which also contains a supplier matrix and call-off terms and conditions.

Incorporating Environmental Services

The scope of the Project Management and Full Design Team Services framework has been enhanced  to incorporate provision to procure environmental services in Lots 1, 3, 5 and 6.

PMFDTS Framework

We provide access to Professional Consultancy Services through the following agreements::

·   Lot 1 - Multi-Disciplinary Services

·   Lot 2 - Project Management Services

.   Lot 3 - Architectural Services (Architectural Services was awarded on 19/05/2017)

·   Lot 4 - Cost Management Services

·   Lot 5 - Civil and Structural Engineering Services and Environmental Services

·   Lot 6 - Building Services Engineering and Environmental Services

The OJEU value of this agreement is between £1.612 and £2.875bn for the life of the agreement.


Benefits and Features

                  Free, Fast, Flexible and Simple to Use

·       Free:  No charge to Contracting Authorities to use the framework agreements

·       Fast: The Framework provides a streamlined route for all Customers to access a comprehensive range of external suppliers through a Further Competition process or Direct Award.  Further Competition is estimated to take around 4 weeks, depending on the size and scale of the requirement.

·       Simple Call-Off Contract Terms:  Customers can either use a form of agreement based upon NEC3 Professional Service Agreement or a CCS standard form.  CCS can support and advise on the benefits of each approach.

·       Flexibility: The Framework has been designed to cater for a wide range of customers.  The lot structures and ability to tailor further competitions will ensure this supports customers own delivery considerations such as SME’s and social value.


Value for Money

·       Standard Rates: Maximum standard rates are fixed for the first two years of the Framework and may be reduced by suppliers at Direct Award and/or Further Competition.

·       Savings: The delivery of savings is embedded into the pricing models through competitive rates and continuous improvement measures to drive value inclusive of whole life cost. Savings delivery results will be shared with customers on a regular basis.

·       Management Information: Customers will have access to management information to track/capture spend based on a common set of service codes allowing in depth analysis.

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Customers will access the agreement by contacting CCS at info[at][dot]uk and prior to any call off a Customer User Agreement (CUA) will need to be completed in order to be allocated a user number. The CUA must be quoted at all times and used on all market engagement documentation.

This will allow CCS to:

·        Track delivery specific projects between the Contracting Authority and the Supplier

·       Collate project specific Management Information to support identification of spend and savings to a more granular project level.

·       Have better transparency of data

·       Support system and data reviews during Supplier Audits

What customers will need to know:

•       Customers must complete a Customer User Agreement prior to using the framework

•       Direct Award & Further Competitions permitted, our guidance outlines approach for each method

•       Ability to ‘Flex’ award weighing at further competition (75% Quality/25% Price: +/- 25%)

•       An extensive customer guidance document is available in attachments to support customers

•       Choice of Call Of contracts (NEC 3 PSC / CCS Model form)

•       Pricing aligned to RIBA work stages which can be bespoked to support individual customer requirements

•       KPI’s available with incentivisation/gain share options


CCS has developed a Call Off Template which can be used to run further competitions via the PMFDTS framework.

Whilst customers can use their own documentation, this template is specifically tailored to the requirements of this framework.

This should ensure customers can run a compliant and efficient further competition process.

CCS have worked already with key government departments to tailor the template to their own specific requirements and can offer this to other clients if required.


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CCS will work on an ongoing basis directly with customers to identify new saving initiatives on a case by case basis.

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Why was the framework developed?

The Project Management & Full Design Team Services (PMFDTS) framework agreement was developed to support Crown Commercial Services Buildings Pillar in providing customers with access to a compliant and effective procurement route for their property and construction project requirements.

Whilst Crown Commercial Service already has frameworks in place for Estates Professional Services, Facilities Management Services, Building Materials and Energy Services, a new PMFDTS framework would enable customers to access a full ‘Cradle to Grave’ service to support managing their property, construction and estates strategies.

Parallel to this the introduction of a new Government Construction Strategy for 2016-2020. This new strategy identified a number of key objectives for compliance across government departments and the industry to achieve in order to improve outputs of construction projects, improve efficiency of the process to deliver projects and delivery of the Governments Digital Strategy.

The GCS key objectives are summarised below:

•       Building Information Management compliance

•       Government Soft Landings application

•       Early Contractor Involvement

•       Develop Skills Capacity (20,000 apprenticeships under the Social Value Scheme – CG Procurements)

•       Facilitating fair payment in supply chain

•       Utilisation of new procurement models in construction

To view the full GCS principles and objectives the following link:

A new PMFTDS framework was identified as the key output following extensive market research and the considerations to supporting customers.

The procurement was developed in partnership with key government departments, wider public sector organisations and industry bodies to ensure that the specific customer requirements, GCS objectives and industry compliance requirements were built into the delivery outputs of the framework.

How was the framework developed?

The new PMFDTS framework scope and lotting strategy was designed through a collaborative effort between CCS, existing and proposed public sector organisations, in addition to key industry trade bodies and services providers. The aim was to support provision of services from both multi-national organisations through to smaller, more specialist suppliers. Coupled with the ability to utilise a flexible supply chain which can be tailored to access local suppliers, the new framework is expected to support market growth and achieve targets set out in the SME agenda.

Whilst the previous PMFDTS framework (RM457) was a success with over 700 different customers calling off services, extensive market research suggested a new, more dynamic and competitive approach to providing construction consultancy services was required.

Coupled with the requirements identified within the Government Construction Strategy 2016-2020 (GCS) and its key objectives, CCS worked closely with the industry, Central Government Departments and Wider Public sector customers to develop a strategy to support end users in delivering their requirements compliantly, efficiently and aligned to achieving GCS objectives.

The GCS identifies £163bn of planned Government construction projects as of 2016 (4-5 year projection).

With infrastructure included the pipeline is approx. £500bn for Government projects over the next 4 years and CCS wants to ensure that all customers achieve optimum savings during this time. The facilitation of a new framework had to provide capacity and accessibility to a wide range of different organisations with the ability to ‘flex’ to their specific service requirements and provide a compliant and competitive solution.

We have worked with key stakeholders throughout the development of the framework and has used customer skills to develop key framework documents to ensure they are fit for purpose and achieve the required commercial outcomes. Key stakeholders included but was not limited to organisations within Central Government, Nuclear Industry, Education, Local Government, Devolved Administration, Defence and Health Sector. We will continue to work closely with customers during this framework period, holding regular Customer User Group meetings and share best practice with an aim of identifying further savings opportunities.

Key Performance Indicators can be used at both framework and call off level to monitor supplier performance and coupled with extensive Management Information, key data can be shared amongst relevant parties to review performance and look to identify further savings initiatives. Lessons learnt will be regularly reviewed to assess and maintain project performance and identify opportunities to improve service levels.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 32 - click here to view suppliers
1 Multi-Disciplinary Services Property 16 - click here to view suppliers 02/05/2019
2 Project Management Services Property 11 - click here to view suppliers 02/05/2019
3 Architectural Services Property 10 - click here to view suppliers 02/05/2019
4 Cost Management Services Property 11 - click here to view suppliers 02/05/2019
5 Civil & Structural Engineering Services and Environmental Services Property 11 - click here to view suppliers 02/05/2019
6 Building Services Engineering and Environmental Services Property 11 - click here to view suppliers 02/05/2019

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Bonnie Wheatley

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