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Public Sector Resourcing

Contract ID: RM3749

Start Date: 17/01/2018

End Date: 16/01/2024


Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) is a single lot framework through which public sector authorities can source all of their contingent worker requirements (excluding clinical workers). 

The strategic partner, Alexander Mann Solutions, will provide a fully managed end-to-end service model through which hiring managers can access their contingent worker requirements (contractors and temporary workers) via a range of innovative solutions. 

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For Supplier Enquiries: PSRSuppliers[at]alexmann[dot]com

For Government Departments or Agencies: PSRContractingauthorities[at]alexmann[dot]com


  • A simple, effective and streamlined user-focused recruitment solution
  • A marketplace for the attraction, management and retention of high-quality workers. The PSR Marketplace will be a candidate-focused portal and the destination of choice for flexible (non-agency) talent seeking a role in the public sector
  • Support from Alexander Mann Solutions knowledgeable and experienced team, who can provide workforce planning services, guide you through the PSR recruitment process, and recommend the optimum route to talent for your requirement
  • Fixed Rates on routes to talent, irrespective of rate or role, to ensure a simplified pricing mechanism for the public sector
  • A managed service underpinned by industry leading SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System (VMS) to support the recruitment process
  • Detailed Management Information will provide unrivalled visibility and analytics of your contingent workforce
  • Real time Management Information on market pay for benchmarking of candidate rates
  • All on-boarding and vetting managed by Alexander Mann Solutions to ensure your workers are always compliant
  • Key policy initiatives addressed such as agency worker regulations, Off Payroll Working in the Public Sector (IR35), transparency agenda, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and Automatic Pensions Enrolment

PSR will provide a range of routes to talent previously not available to the Public Sector, including:

  • Dynamic and open agency supply chain – utilising best-in-class suppliers and supply chain management principles
  • Direct Hire via a PSR Marketplace – database of candidates interested in working in the public sector
  • Talent Pools – database of previously hired candidates

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Customer On-boarding

You may initially engage with CCS or Alexander Mann Solutions to access Public Sector Resourcing.

Each customer should manage its own on-boarding activity in conjunction with Alexander Mann Solutions, however, CCS will provide support as and when required.  The following standard steps will ensure a smooth process:

  • Discuss your requirement with CCS / Alexander Mann Solutions
  • Agree realistic individual timescales for on-boarding
  • Develop and sign the call-off contract
  • Agree and complete system integration of web portals where applicable
  • Go live

Call-off contract

The call-off contract puts in place an enabling agreement with Alexander Mann Solutions under which you will be able to place all orders for staffing. Whilst the document appears lengthy, most of the content is pre-completed standard material detailing the standardised service and charging model. The main applicable customer-specific content will relate to your specific operational implementation needs.

The call-off contract consists of the following elements:

  • Order form
  • Terms & conditions
  • Contract schedules

To enter into a call-off contract you should first of all review the standard contract content to ensure a full understanding of the service and the charging model, and consider i) your specific commercial requirements, and ii) your implementation and operational needs. You can then contact Alexander Mann Solutions to discuss your specific requirements and begin the process of completing the call-off contract. CCS will be happy to provide advice where necessary.

Order form

The order form captures essential details relating to your specific contract, providing a summary of the contract being put in place:

  • Customer and service provider contact points
  • Key personnel to be involved
  • Implementation plan
  • Whether TUPE applies
  • Specific customer responsibilities
  • Specific operational requirements

Sourcing Workers

You should manage your temporary worker sourcing by:

  • Sending your requirements to PSR via the Fieldglass VMS, or contacting Alexander Mann Solutions directly
  • The recruiter will validate your requirement with you and advise on the optimum route to talent
  • Carrying out interviews
  • Communicating your selection decision to the PSR team and provide feedback on your selection/de-selection decisions
  • Alexander Mann Solutions will then vet and on-board the worker before they start.


The basic charging model for the service will be as specified in the call-off contract. Expenses for temporary workers will be governed by your individual policies.

Customer account management

You will be assigned a relationship/account manager by Alexander Mann Solutions as their prime interface, who will be responsible for developing a detailed understanding of your business and requirements, building relationships with key stakeholders, and providing advice and assistance to facilitate best use of the framework. 

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PSR incorporates a number of commercial benefits, including:

  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) fees: Savings calculated on reduction to current MSP fee (Year 1 and new customers only)
  • Pay Rate: Savings calculated as a result of introducing a competitive industry rate card
  • Source Mix: Utilising non-agency routes to talent will attract a lower sourcing fee to customers
  • Enforced Leave: Christmas / Easter / Other furloughs can be applied as and where required
  • Hourly Rates to Day Rates: Eliminate unnecessary overtime of certain worker categories by converting to a fixed day rate where applicable

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Following the 2016 National Audit Office report on use of temporary workers, and subsequent Public Accounts Committee hearing, there is a clear spotlight on cost control and ensuring an effective workforce is planned for and in place for the public sector. This includes using skilled workers appropriately to supplement the public sector permanent workforce, as well as utilising innovative delivery methods.

The aims and objectives of Public Sector Resourcing include:

  • A simple, effective and streamlined customer-focused solution
  • A mechanism for the provision, attraction, management and retention of high quality workers
  • A range of routes to talent from traditional options to more innovative options
  • Full transparency of pricing, employment opportunities and end-to-end processes so that contracting authorities, the UK contingent labour market and workers have visibility of pricing and processes
  • Prompt turnaround of fulfilment and compliant on boarding
  • Value for money, transparency of spend and year-on-year savings
  • A clear understanding of the current and future public sector worker demand for all contracting authorities
  • Flexibility to meet the changing needs of contracting authorities and the UK contingent labour market
  • End-to-end management of the worker journey
  • Potential to increase spend from 40% to over 60% with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • A non-proprietary/agnostic technology solution to manage end-to-end requirements for all workers
  • Better access to a flexible workforce and untapped workers (i.e. people who are not currently in the UK contingent labour market and/or those who are not actively looking for work) and to embrace emerging, relevant industry practices
  • Implementing innovative, relevant industry practices and methods of delivery.

PSR was developed in conjunction with current Contingent Labour One and Non-Medical Non-Clinical customers and external professional bodies to ensure lessons were learned from previous agreements.

The new PSR model includes an annual Continuous Improvement Board which will combine changes in the marketplace, adopting new regulatory controls and removing inefficiencies through service improvement to ensure the model remains best in class.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Public Sector Resourcing Professional Services 1 - click here to view suppliers 16/01/2024

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Framework Manager Contact Details

David Bolas

0345 410 2222

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