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National Energy Performance Contracting Framework

Contract ID: RM3768

Start Date: 20/04/2016

End Date: 19/04/2020


Explanation of what the framework covers

Re:fit is a procurement initiative for public sector organisations wishing to implement energy-efficiency and local energy-generation measures to their buildings or estate and support services. These measures improve the energy performance of buildings, thereby reducing carbon emissions and achieving substantial guaranteed annual cost savings. In addition, it can allow for significant income generation opportunities through the introduction of energy-generation measures.

The Framework covers energy efficiency retrofit and local energy generation measures in their broadest sense to enable a wide range of improvements. It also allows changes focused on water consumption:

Energy reduction / energy efficiency measures such as:

  • provision and installation of new equipment
  • optimisation of equipment (including existing equipment)
  • provision of related services
  • maintenance in relation to any of the above (including water related solutions)

Energy generation measures such as:

  • provision and installation of new equipment
  • optimisation of equipment (including existing equipment)
  • provision of related services
  • maintenance in relation to any of the above
  • asssociated works and services (including design) in relation to any of the above
  • financing in relation to any/all element(s) of a project

Beyond energy efficiency in buildings the framework can also support the following projects:

Energy generation

  • CHP
  • Solar PV
  • Biomass
  • Other sources of energy supplies and distribution – wind, energy from waste etc…

Energy supply (distribution and metering)

Decentralised energy

Heat networks (design, build and/or operation)

Smart grid, off grid and/or hybrid solutions

Energy storage systems

Distributed generation and behind the meter supply


The Re:fit programme offers significant benefits to public sector organisations. These include:

·      a competitively tendered OJEU-advertised framework geared to the needs of public sector organisations

·      a framework that is endorsed and supported by BEIS and the Cabinet Office (through CCS)

·      the ability for fast and efficient tendering, through the use of mini-competition tendering templates, to enable bidding to focus on the key requirements of a project

·      reduced procurement times and costs by using a pre-selected Framework of Providers

·      the availability of support to public sector bodies throughout the procurement process from the Re:fit support teams to drive the quality of tenders

·      a centrally managed framework that enables coordination of activities across users and the continuous improvement of the approach and support process

·      clear pricing and pre-agreed core call-off contract terms to reduce time between Service Provider selection and contracting, with the ability to bespoke contract terms at Mini-Competition as required

·      the potential to capture economies of scale through collaborative procurement

·      the potential to use a range of financing options for projects to enable higher capital investment and maximise potential benefits for public sector organisations

·      a guaranteed return on investment (savings are contractually guaranteed by the Service Provider)

·      opportunity to make substantial energy and carbon savings (typical savings of 20-30 per cent per annum)

·      a tried and tested approach (more than 250 public sector organisations have accessed Re:fit to date)

·      flexible payback periods

·      "spend-to-save” scheme, which generates energy savings and tackles failing building infrastructure without diverting spend

·      investment in buildings and green technologies helps generate local jobs and improve local skills (potential to add tender language to encourage local service provider participation.)


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Public sector organisations wishing to use the framework will be required to sign an Access Agreement. This document indicates commitment to the programme at a senior level and sets out the role and responsibility of users of the framework.

Three expert teams (one specific to Wales , one specific to London, and one covering the rest of England and Wales) are available to provide the end-to-end support needed to get projects up and running and successfully implemented.

An access agreement can be obtained from the relevant team.


For further information please contact:

Local Partnerships

Rachel  Toresen-Owuor

Strategic Director, Energy
Mob:  07825 963218
Email: rachel.toresen-owuor[at][dot]uk


Greater London Authority

Sylvia Baron

Re:fit Programme Manager

Mob: 07825 907 541

Email: Sylvia.Baron[at][dot]uk



Tristan Oliver

Programme Implementation Unit (PIU)

Mob: 07702 422860
Email: refitcymru[at][dot]uk

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How much will the framework help public sector organisations reduce their energy consumption as a %?

The level of savings will depend on the scale of the opportunity within each organisation (land and building assets) and previous energy projects undertaken. The Re:fit teams typically see savings between 20-30% but this will vary dependant on the type of project proposed. This can include the following types of projects:

-        large infrastructures

-        backlog maintenance

-        optimising existing sites

-        quick fix/ fast track projects


This framework has helped reduce energy consumption for public sector organisations

See stats below

50,000 tonnes of CO2 saved each year

100+ MWH energy saved each year

£180m total investment in retrofit projects



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This framework agreement helps by enabling a range of public sector organisations, including local authorities, schools, universities, National Health Service (NHS), leisure centres and museums, to implement retrofit projects and achieve large financial savings through two principal means:

·      a framework of 16 pre-qualified providers required to adhere to pre-agreed core contract terms (which saves time and resources for public sector organisations seeking to procure retrofit works and guarantee energy savings)

·      three expert teams (one specific to London and one covering the rest of England and Wales) which provide the end-to-end support needed to get projects up and running and successfully implemented.


The Re:fit framework streamlines the procurement process for energy services by providing a set of model terms and conditions (compiled by legal, technical and procurement specialists with previous experience of Re:fit, which are on market and reflect best practice in the sector) for use with a group of pre-qualified providers. The Service Provider designs and implements Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), which enables public sector bodies to cut running costs and energy consumption and carbon emissions, and can also, through energy generation, enable income generation. The Service Provider GUARANTEES the level of energy savings, thus offering a secure financial saving over the period of the agreement. 

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Energy Energy 16 - click here to view suppliers 19/04/2020

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Elaine Malone

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