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Specialist Laundry Services (for surgical drapes, gowns and packs)

Contract ID: RM3772

Start Date: 01/04/2016

End Date: 31/03/2019


Synopsis: Laundry services for reusable textiles in health and social care, such as surgical drapes, gowns and packs. Includes washing, finishing, collection and return.


Full description: This agreement provides quality-controlled specialist laundry services for reusable CE-marked barrier textiles, such as surgical drapes and gowns. It is can be used by all public sector organisations and supports the Department of Health’s objective to enhance the safety and quality of services for users and patients.

The main services provided by suppliers are wash and finish and collection and return of reusable surgical drapes, gowns and packs which are owned by the contracting authority or hired from the supplier.

For general laundry services use Laundry and Linen Services (RM1031). 



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You will need to run a further competition based on your specific requirements. Read the guidance notes first and refer to the attached documents. To see core prices email property[at][dot]uk indicating your preferred service and any enhancements you require.

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  • The standard prices used in the call-off procedure are the maximum chargeable by the supplier. They may be reduced through the further competition process.
  • Maximum prices cannot be exceeded throughout the life of the agreement, but they can be reduced in accordance with the call-off procedure.

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This specialised agreement follows on from the successful operation of the previous Laundry and Linen agreement (RM849), which expired on 24 May 2015. It complements the general services provided by Laundry and Linen Services (RM1031)

This framework has been extended by 12 months to a new expiry date of 31/03/2019.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Processing (collection, wash, finish and return) of linen items / linen hire items Property 2 - click here to view suppliers 31/03/2019

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Framework Manager Contact Details

FM team (previously Property Mailbox)

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