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Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records and Information Management

Contract ID: RM3781

Start Date: 26/10/2016

End Date: 25/10/2020


This framework, developed in collaboration with YPO and ESPO, provides customers across the whole of the public sector with access to multifunctional devices (MFDs) such as printers and photocopiers, managed print and records information management services.

Lot 1: Print Equipment and Entry Level Print Management Software

Specifically designed for organisations of varying sizes who are able to pre-specify their own requirements based upon the devices available without the need for further competition. This can aid smaller organisations who have limited resources, by providing a small range of pre-specified machines to choose from, with the peace of mind of pre-defined terms and conditions from an approved supplier. This makes buying straightforward as there is no need to run a further competition to establish which supplier offers you best value for money.

The range of devices available will include the following features:

  • Mono and colour capable MFDs with standard network interfaces
  • Consumables including toner and staples (not paper)
  • Maintenance and support including training
  • Finance based upon fixed term operating leases and agreed service charges (cost per page)

‘Follow me’ print management software has been included, allowing users to print to a shared print queue, roam and release their print job from any enabled output device. This ensures printing is confidential to the user and helps reduce waste.


Access is through the Purchasing Platform, which is easy to register for and use, go to

Once Registered on the Purchasing Platform;


  1.  Click ‘Start Here’ on the Print/Scan/Copy banner on the home page.
  2. Click ‘Direct Award’ option
  3. Click ‘Canon’ link
  4. Register on the Canon portal 

Or directly via Canon's Customer Portal:

Lot 2: Multifunctional Devices and Print Management Software and Services

An extensive catalogued range of MFDs ranging from entry level, standalone to fully networked print room equipment, along with the required software options to support organisations with page output, document workflow and relevant business process requirements.

The scope of this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mono, colour and colour-capable MFDs, digital copiers, network printers and print room devices, including A0 wide format and 3D devices, all with standard network interfaces
  •  Print room services, including web based client job submission, electronic job ticketing, and visual cost indication for users, email job status feedback, print finishing options, online and offline, document clean up software, further defined service level agreement to reflect critical nature of devices
  • Enhanced service provision, where required, including software options to enable process improvements and cost efficiencies such as, cloud based mobile printing, inbound mail and hybrid mail
  • Software to enable product management e.g. remote diagnostics
  • Push and pull printing software
  • Functionality to enable email to print and web to print
  • Consumables
  • Auditing software
  • Enabling document management/archiving tools to ensure seamless integration into existing document management software platforms
  • Maintenance and support, including training (on and off-site)
  • Print assessments/ surveys
  • Finance options

We now have a new way for you to access Lot 2.

Our new online guided match tool allows you to run a price only further competition online. The guided match tool helps you to identify the best value supplier who can also meet your technical requirements, guiding you through the purchasing process with a series of questions that automatically suggest options to make the whole process intuitive and straightforward.

To start using the Purchasing Platform sign-up at

Once Registered on the Purchasing Platform;

  1. Click ‘Start Here’ on the Print/Scan/Copy banner on the home page.
  2. Click ‘e-Enabled Further Competition’ option

Lot 3: Managed Print and Content Management Services

Lot 3 provides a completely flexible, managed print service centred around supporting you to centralise, securitise and standardise your office output and document infrastructure, within any size of organisation. This lot enables you to select as much of a managed service as you deem appropriate to your organisation from the basics of MPS, covering simple elements such as hardware, software, consumables and break fix, to taking a fully scoped solution over time that can include elements such as Hybrid Mail, Electronic Document Management, moving all your printing infrastructure to Cloud, Production Print and TUPE of Staff to support the on-going service.

The enhanced content management services will include:

  • Document/ information lifecycle optimisation
  • Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS)
  • Hybrid mail

Hybrid mail is mail that is delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery. Usually, it involves digital data being transformed into physical letter items at distributed print centres located as close as possible to the final delivery addresses.

Lot 4: Records Information Management Service

Records Information Management Service is designed to meet the core requirements of customers in order to drive down costs of physical storage and consolidate and rationalise existing storage requirements. This includes 6 service lines:

1.     Off-site records information management service (full end to end service)

2.     Off-site storage of inactive records

3.     Off-site and/or on-site secure shredding, destruction and disposal services

4.     Off-site and/or on-site specialist records management services

5.     Off-site and/or on-site combined records information management services

6.     Off-site and/or on-site scanning services.

Service lines 1 – 5 may  be provided in isolation or as part of an end to end service.

Lot 5: Scanning services

Scanning service (off and/or on-site).

One-off scanning projects and/or bulk scanning and longer term requirements to digitise records (physical to digital).

Lot 6: Sensitivity Review Service

Sensitivity review service (on and/or off-site) with the option of a fully managed sensitivity review service or a triage service.

Identifying material to transfer to The National Archives for release in the public domain, which will be conducted by experienced and qualified personnel and/ or project managed. The scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • determining the sensitivity of a record(s).
  • considering whether the exemptions support withholding sensitive information.
  • determining whether records should be retained, closed or partially closed.
  • provide a redaction service for a fully managed sensitive review service.

Lot 7: Audit and Consultancy Services

This is an independent audit and consultancy service, covering both print and records management. Suppliers will use their market expertise and knowledge, which will be entirely independent, to support and assist customer strategies with the management of its managed print and content management requirements and the optimisation of physical storage requirements identifying cost savings and efficiencies.



  • Tailored Managed Print Service (MPS) with a flexible commercial model, based on output rather than devices
  • Includes hybrid mail and electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) solutions
  • Workflow automation/optimisation - integrate paper documents into digital workflows
  • Reduced costs through device consolidation and proactive consumables management
  • Flexible model allows you to scale up and down your requirements and rationalise estate in line with business needs
  • Supplier guidance and assistance in reducing print output
  • Management of existing lease contracts
  • Access to the latest technology and software developments
  • Heightened security of devices and data
  • New energy efficient devices to reduce energy usage

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Lot 1 Customer Portal:

Guidance can be found in the document tab. This is a direct award lot.

Lot 2:

Guidance can be found in the 'Why Lot 2?' document explaining what information is required to run a further competition or direct award. You can run a further competition via the eSourcing tool if you wish to do so.

Lot 3:

To access lot 3 you will need to run a further competition. In the first instance, we recommend that you read Preparing for a Lot 3 Further Competition to help you plan your approach.  You can run a further competition via the eSourcing tool if you wish to do so.

Lots 4, 5, 6 and 7

To access these lots you will need to run a further competition.  You can run a further competition via the eSourcing tool if you wish to do so. Guidance documentation is available within the "documents tab"

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This framework has brought MFDs; print management and records information management services together under one agreement in response to the reduction in print volumes and increasing requirements to digitise. By combining the requirements customers will be able to move towards a full information management solution. 

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 22 - click here to view suppliers
1 Print Equipment and Entry Level Print Management Software Office 1 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020
2 Multifunctional Devices and Print Management Software and Services Office 9 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020
3 Managed Print and Content Managed Services Office 7 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020
4 Records Information Management Service Office 5 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020
5 Scanning Services Office 4 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020
6 Sensitivity Review Service Office 2 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020
7 Audit and Consultancy Services Office 3 - click here to view suppliers 25/10/2020

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