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Journal Subscriptions (Print & Electronic)

Contract ID: RM3797

Start Date: 20/09/2016

End Date: 19/09/2020


This framework provides a route to market for central government departments and wider public sector organisations to buy and access journals for business-related insight, research and personal development purposes, either in printed and/or electronic formats.  

The agreement covers a vast range of titles and subjects. The list of titles is indicative and additional journals can be added if required by customers as part of their call-off contract. In addition to the journal goods, customers can request a number of associated services (delivery, subscription management & customer services).


  • a centralised single service provider provides all services and products previously supplied by a number of different suppliers
  • a single process and point of contact for customer service requirements (orders, renewals, cancellations), to replace the multiple suppliers and processes previously used
  • a single portal for access to e-journals, to replace multiple portals to be accessed and integrated with a range of different customer systems
  • opportunities to reduce costs through the application of the framework discount off a publishers recommended retail price for all journal subscriptions.

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Direct award

As the single supplier provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ fully managed service there is no need to run a further competition - you can just directly award a call-off contract to meet your needs:

To place a direct award call-off contract, you will need to:

  • Confirm that Framework Schedule 2: Goods and Services and Key Performance Indicators (Specification) meets your requirements
  • Decide if you will be accessing the new agreement via your own individual call-off contract or as part of a collaborative call-off contract with your parent department or other departmental family organisations - it is important to think about this now as it is not advisable to add additional customers retrospectively to a live call-off contract
  • Determine that the call-off terms do not require any substantial amendments or any supplementary terms and conditions
  • Complete and agree your call-off contract with the supplier (see below)
  • Confirm details of your call-off contract with the category team

Tips for completing the call-off contract

  • The first 13 pages of the call-off document comprise a template order form and there is guidance within the document (highlighted in yellow) around the information you should include – this should be your main focus. This is a standard document across CCS so many of the sections may not apply to your journals requirement e.g. service levels/service credits, so please leave them as ‘Not applied’ or delete as you see appropriate.
  • You should also read through the document as there are various schedules/annexes from page 107 onwards which require customer or supplier input.
  • Consider whether you need to develop a specification of requirements in Call-Off Schedule 2 i.e. this will detail to the supplier the goods and services you wish the supplier to undertake throughout the life of your contract:
    • Call-Off Schedule 2 - Annex 1:  the services (page 108) may include customer requirements such as management information and data requirements; on-line portal access; delivery addresses; licence type; etc.
    • Call-Off Schedule 2 - Annex 2:  the goods (page 109) should be included and embedded in your call-off contract as per the tendered pricing submitted by the supplier for each journal title.
  • For convenience, we have pre-populated various sections of the template order form on your behalf where we think the information will apply to all customers using the agreement. Please check you are satisfied with the wording and populate all other sections highlighted in yellow or where you see [   ].

Next steps

  • Please by mindful of your internal governance processes (and its associated timescales) within your organisation to obtain approval/signature of your call-off contract as this may add additional time before you can start trading with the supplier.
  • Don’t forget to quote framework reference number RM3797.
  • Make contact with the supplier as per the above who will also assist you through the process and complete any sections of your call-off contract that is relevant to them e.g. Section 9.2  Commercially Sensitive Information.

How to access the pricing matrix

Full details of the supplier’s tendered pricing for each journal title and their fixed percentage discount levels can be found on the eSourcing tool (registration required). 

To register for access to the eSourcing tool please complete the online registration form. You may also like to read the guidance to using the eSourcing tool.

If you are already registered, log on to the eSourcing tool and follow the instructions below to access the framework pricing:

  • Hover over the tab at the top of the home page called ‘RFx(s), then click ‘Manage RFx(s)’
  • Click the tab ‘Templates’ on the left hand side, towards the top of the page
  • Click ‘Search’ (Binoculars icon on right hand side of the page)
  • Type in *RM3797* in the box which says ‘Name and press enter
  • Click the RM3797 link
  • Click ‘RFx Attachments (4)’ at the top of the page or 'Attachments' on the left of the page, towards the bottom of the list
  • Click the link under the ‘Content’ title
  • Download the price file

There is no formal sign up required simply quote RM3723 to access the arrangement. 

Once your call-off contract is in place please email to confirm:

  • estimated contract value
  • estimated savings achieved
  • start and end date of your call-off contract

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Savings will be dependent on your buying profile, in addition to procurement efficiency savings from buying through a compliant route to market. Regular benchmarking will be undertaken against the framework rates to identify the savings achieved on a range of different journal titles purchased historically by customers.

The category team will work closely with the supplier to identify any further savings opportunities which may arise for example additional discounts on volume purchasing.

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The sourcing strategy for this agreement was to put in place a compliant and competitive contracting vehicle to purchase and access journals for business related insight, research and personal development purposes, either in printed and/or electronic formats.  The agreement has been awarded to a single supplier for central government departments and wider public sector customers to benefit from economies of scale and have a single process and point of contact for their journal requirements.

The framework will be managed by the CCS category team to ensure our customers are receiving best value from the agreement and continuous improvement is achieved.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Journal Subscriptions (Print and Electronic) Office 1 - click here to view suppliers 19/09/2020

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Framework Manager Contact Details

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