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National Fuels

Contract ID: RM3801

Start Date: 24/07/2017

End Date: 23/07/2020


Synopsis: Liquid and solid fuels, such as heating oil, transport fuel, coal and wood. Plus products and services associated with using fuels, such as tank maintenance.


Full description: This framework provides liquid fuels and others, such as heating oil, transport fuel, low-pressure gas (LPG) in cylinders, liquified natural gas (LNG), wood and coal. It also includes products and services associated with using solid fuels, such as lubricants, tank replacement and maintenance and fuel testing.

Distribution of liquid fuel is regionally based (see lots 101 to 114).



  • Regional or national supply
  • Weekly pricing
  • Discount on early payment options
  • Contract management ensuring service levels and KPIs are met
  • Comprehensive management information
  • Availability of additional service such as supplier managed inventory and replenishment.

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Lots 1 and 2
You will need to carry out a further competition in accordance with Schedule 5 of the National Fuels framework agreement to find the most suitable supplier to meet your needs.

You will have the opportunity to add additional sites or carry out a further competition under the framework, or opt to join the CCS managed quarterly aggregated further competition.

The quarterly competitions are as follows:

1. Competition run in September 2018 with an award date of 1 October 2018

2. Competition run in December 2018 with an award date of 2 January 2019

Further Information on the quarterly competitions can be found within the customer toolkit in the attached documents.

When running a further competition you will need to follow the steps below. For a more detailed explanation on the process, read Customer Toolkit 1.  

1. Notify CCS (nationalfuels[at][dot]uk) of your intentions

2. Develop your statement of requirements

3. Refine the template call off terms to reflect the goods and services you require (any refinement must not conflict with any provision of the agreement)

4. Identify the capable suppliers from the list of suppliers and invite them to tender

5. Evaluate the tenders applying the appropriate criteria in accordance with Schedule 6 of the agreement

6. Award a call-off agreement by sending a completed order form and call-off agreement to the successful supplier

7. Receive signed copy of the call off agreement from the supplier

8. Sign the call-off agreement and issue a notice to the supplier

9. Notify CCS (nationalfuels[at][dot]uk) of the outcome.

Access for Lot 3, 4 and 5

Direct award
For direct award, an online catalogue is available for direct purchases via eMarketplace.

Register to use eMarketplace.

If you are an existing Zanzibar user you can view these catalogues via your existing access. You should speak to your internal super-user for more information.

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● Bulk further competition drives down price

● Most competitive supply margin

● CCS provide a support service for all customers, CG and WPS, during call-offs

● One-stop-shop for all fuels and associated services without the need to trawl through a number of frameworks across multiple PBOs

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The utilities and Fuels team developed an EU compliant framework to provide a route to market for all types of fuel and associated services for CG and WPS customers.  This is a replacement for the current CCS Liquid Fuels Framework which will expire on 11 August 2017.

Market Engagement/Customer Engagement

Market and Customer engagement was carried out throughout September and October.

Following the issue of the PIN, a Request For Information was published on Emptoris and 10 suppliers responded to this. CCS undertook one to one meetings with all 16 framework suppliers and 1 non framework supplier.  

CCS issued a customer questionnaire to all existing customers through “Clicktools” and received 46 responses. CCS arranged a stakeholder meeting which was attended by representatives from MOD DE&S, MOD DIO, Scottish Procurement and Ministry of Justice. CCS have also engaged with representatives from National Procurement Service Wales. The information gained from this engagement has helped inform our Source Definition.

The framework will be managed by CCS - this includes a framework manager with support team who will have regular contact with all suppliers following the Crown Commercial Service Supplier Relationship Management process, to ensure the best deals for customers are maintained.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 34 - click here to view suppliers
1 Liquid Fuel Energy 21 - click here to view suppliers 23/07/2020
2 Liquified Gas Energy 2 - click here to view suppliers 23/07/2020
3 Solid Fuel Energy 10 - click here to view suppliers 23/07/2020
4 Greases, Lubricants and Antifreeze Energy 6 - click here to view suppliers 23/07/2020
5 Associated Products and Services Energy 12 - click here to view suppliers 23/07/2020

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Framework Manager Contact Details

National Fuels

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