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Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems

Contract ID: RM3810

Start Date: 24/03/2017

End Date: 24/03/2020



This framework has been extended for another 12 months until 24/03/2020.



Independent quality assurance testing (QAT), including testing environments, specialists, automation and services, such as consultancy.


Full description

This agreement enables public sector organisations to buy QAT for IT systems and software. QAT is required for new digital systems and services to ensure they are fit for public launch. It comprises 8 lots covering common QAT scenarios and services, such as specialists and consultancy.

The agreement was developed with the Home Office who use it for their internal, shared, managed QAT service. Home Office also support a number of other central government departments for these services.




  • Flexible contract with no commitment to you at call-off. This allows you to raise iterative statements of work (SoWs) with the supplier, working in an agile way, sprint by sprint
  • Suppliers technical and qualitative ability has been evaluated by the Home Office
  • Agreed suppliers’ maximum rates
  • Suppliers can though reduce their rates further through further competition against your specific requirements
  • Proportion of suppliers are SMEs.

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Run a further competition to select a supplier. There is no option for direct award. A QAT buyers guide and tender document templates are available attached.

You can use CCS’s eSourcing tool to run a further competition, or your own system.

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In situations where quality assurance is a new consideration

Replacements: cash release savings

When you are replacing an existing service, the whole cost of these current services will be compared on a customer by customer basis against the new total costs under this agreement. Savings will be shown by the reduction, when compared to previous years cost.


Demand management savings

In situations where the services being purchased are new (i.e. you are not replacing an existing service) there is still an opportunity to claim demand management savings. 

We record savings using the customer benefits record form. Please note this is an eForm. If you have problems accessing this document please email cloud_digital[at][dot]uk for an excel copy.

It is essential that you complete the eForm every time you enter into a Call-Off agreement.



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This agreement was developed to help government and wider public sector organisations to buy business testing and quality assurance service.

The agreement replaces the Home Office Test Design and Consultancy Services agreement which expired March 2017.

This agreement was developed collaboratively with CCS and Home Office, engaging with a wide range of suppliers and buyers. It is an ‘alpha’ procurement designed to be iterative and improved over time.

We are responsible for managing the commercial performance of the agreement; and Home Office will continue to engage with Public Sector Buyers to support their buying needs, if required. 


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 38 - click here to view suppliers
1 QA & Testing Specialists Technology 31 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
2 Automation, Agile & Dev-Ops Technology 27 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
3 Load & Performance Testing Technology 26 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
4 Functional Testing Technology 32 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
5 Infrastructure Testing and Environments Technology 21 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
6 Operational Acceptance Testing Technology 21 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
7 QA & Testing Management Technology 30 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020
8 Strategic QA Consultancy Technology 31 - click here to view suppliers 24/03/2020

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Digital Framework Management Team

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