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Contact Centre Services

Contract ID: RM3815

Start Date: 01/06/2017

End Date: 31/05/2021


Synopsis: Contact centre services covers channels that the public use to interact with government services, including telephony, email, web-based and back office.


Full description: Contact centres includes a broad range of communications channels that the public uses to answer queries about government services. This includes telephony, email and web-based communications. The services have been divided into 2 lots: niche contact centre consultancy, and the contact centres themselves.

The agreement is for UK public sector bodies, including central government and arm's length bodies and agencies, non-departmental public bodies, NHS bodies and local authorities, and the wider public sector.

The duration of the agreement is 4 years. It replaces lot 5 of the creative solutions framework (RM988), which expired March 2017.



  • Facilitates digital channels to reduce contact centre costs
  • Opportunities to optimise workflow across multiple contracts to smooth peaks and troughs of activity
  • Customer satisfaction measures to optimise operations
  • Your satisfaction with suppliers’ performance is monitored by CCS.

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To use this agreement you require approval from your organisation and the Professional Assurance Communications Control Team.

Approval is required for expenditure over £100,000 for all Central Government departments and arm’s length bodies. Below £100,000, your director of communication is responsible for approval.

Wider public sector organisations may have different approvals processes depending on expenditure. Budget approval should be sought before continuing with planning your requirements.

More info on the Professional Assurance Communications Control process and the request template can be found on the Cabinet Office website. All queries relating to this control should be directed to:

Further competition
CCS will provide step-by-step guidance on this process.

Read the guidance on how to run a further competition via the eSourcing suite.

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There are many ways to achieve cash saving, commercial value  and efficiencies from this framework agreement, including the following:

Total Contract Value: Reduced costs over the lifetime of the Contract compared to current cost profile

Outsourcing: Lower cost model and efficiencies can be achieved through transfer of internal activity to expert Suppliers

Consultancy: Using a Consult to provide recommendations to optimise in-house and outsourced work flow

Demand management: Channel shift from telephony towards digital solutions

Technology Deployment: utilising technology to optimise the service and improve efficiency

Blending & Optimisation: maximising customer demand across contracts

Income generation: utilising premium telephony to fund the contact centre operation. At framework level robust KPI’s and supplier management process will be in place. Support will be provided at call off level to ensure departments have the optimum commercial model and performance management regime in place to maximise contract performance.

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The framework was developed to provide a centralised route to market for contact centre requirements that is accessible to central government, the wider public sector and the third sector.

Extensive pre-market engagement with the supplier market and central government and wider public sector departments shaped the scope of the framework.

Support will be provided throughout the call-off process to help shape requirements and ensure best value and efficiencies are achieved.

KPI’s and service level agreements will be managed at both framework and call-off level to ensure supplier performance is maintained.


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 14 - click here to view suppliers
1 Consultation for Contact Centre Services Communications 6 - click here to view suppliers 31/05/2021
2 Contact Centre Services Communications 8 - click here to view suppliers 31/05/2021

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Contact Centre Services

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