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Data and Application Solutions

Contract ID: RM3821

Start Date: 25/01/2019

End Date: 24/01/2021


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A range of software-led office systems covering services for the public sector including software licenses, associated hardware, app-related consultancy services, software support and maintenance.


Full description

Public sector organisations can buy, implement, test and deliver a broad range of software solutions, as well as essential hardware and professional services, in one procurement. It offers customers the choice to buy cloud and on-premise software or a combination of both under one agreement.

Data and Application Solutions (DAS) is available to all central government departments, their arm’s length bodies, devolved administrations, the wider public sector and third sector organisations. Maximum call off length is 5 years with an optional extension of up to 2 years at the customers discretion

DAS is split into five groups to make it easier to search, with 14 lots covering the following areas:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Local government
  • Health and social care
  • Police and emergency services
  • Education

DAS allows customers the choice of further competition or direct award route to market depending on the nature of the requirement. Please refer to the 'Access' tab for more details.


Product types

  • Lot 1a. Resource Planning and Management Solutions
    • ​ERP, HR/Payroll and Finance complete systems or modules
  • Lot 1b. Workflow and Case Management Solutions
    • customer relationship management, workflow and case management solutions
  • Lot 1c. Data Collection, Storage and Management
    • data warehouse, databases, asset management and reporting systems
  • Lot 1d. Data Intelligence and Analytics
    • big data, internet of things, robotic process automation
  • Lot 2a. Business Applications
    • revenue and benefit systems, payment processes, civil enforcement systems
  • Lot 2b. Environmental and Planning
    • environmental health, planning enforcement, licensing, waste management
  • Lot 2c. Citizen Services
    • library solutions, electoral management, registrar systems
  • Lot 3a. Enterprise Applications for Health
    • e-rostering, health related HR/payroll systems
  • Lot 3b. Health Information Management
    • electronic patient records, clinical & digital information systems
  • Lot 3c. Community Health and Social Care
    • social care case management, social care finances, home care
  • Lot 4a. Blue light Operations
    • case and custody applications, emergency response and crisis management
  • Lot 4b. Blue light Data & Information Management
    • digital asset management, data analytics
  • Lot 5a. Learning Applications and Platforms
    • virtual learning, distance learning
  • Lot 5b. Academic Scheduling and Management Solutions
    • attendance monitoring, student records systems, facility/premises management



  • Delivers fully supported solutions for cloud, on premise or hybrid systems
  • Provides coverage across sector-specific requirements
  • All lots are available to all public sector customers
  • Offers direct award functionality across all lots through our government eMarketplace
  • Support and maintenance options to help extend a product’s lifecycle
  • Uses the CCS public sector contract

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You can buy from this agreement either by further competition or direct award. You don't need to register to use the agreement unless you want to use any of our tools, for example, the government eMarketplace or eSourcing tool. 

To use the agreement you will need to:

  • Read the guidance documents
  • Determine your requirement (this can be for software or a number of support services associated with the software market, or any combination of the above)

Direct award

Call offs can only be completed where the requirement is related to an existing system operated by you.

Further competition

You should award on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender and must provide suppliers with the methodology behind the evaluation, including the evaluation criteria and weightings that are applied to each. Electronic reverse auctions can be undertaken as part of a further competition under all lots.

Please make sure you provide suppliers with sufficient information so that we can meet your requirements effectively.

If you need any assistance in completing your procurement, please contact our helpdesk on 0345410 2222 or email info[at][dot]uk.

The suppliers below are awaiting their Cyber Essentials Certification:

  • Bartec Auto I D
  • Capita Business Services
  • Careworks Limited
  • European Dynamics
  • Orchard Information Systems Ltd
  • Pythagoras Communications Ltd
  • Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd
  • Zellis UK

Please note: They can be awarded a call-off contract (i.e. conclude a further competition, or accept a direct award order under the catalogue) but they cannot supply until they have received their certificate. 

If you'd like to be made aware of a supplier's certification status then please state the following in your tender documentation: 'a valid Cyber Essential Certificate must be available for review’.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 76 - click here to view suppliers
1a Resource Planning & Management Solutions including Financial & Commercial Technology 27 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
1b Workflow & Case Management Solutions Technology 21 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
1c Data Collection, Storage and Management Technology 19 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
1d Data Intelligence & Analytics Technology 20 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
2a Business Applications Technology 8 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
2b Environmental & Planning Technology 15 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
2c Citizen Services Technology 11 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
3a Enterprise Applications for Health Technology 12 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
3b Health Information Management Technology 16 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
3c Community Health & Social Care Technology 17 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
4a Bluelight Operations Technology 11 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
4b Bluelight Data & Information Management Technology 10 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
5a Learning Applications & Platforms Technology 8 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021
5b Academic Scheduling & Management Solutions Technology 11 - click here to view suppliers 24/01/2021

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Neil Harrison

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