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Facilities management marketplace

Contract ID: RM3830

Start Date: 10/07/2018

End Date: 09/07/2020


Synopsis: UK-wide facilities management (FM) services organised regionally and available to all public sector entities. Includes maintenance, cleaning, security, helpdesk etc.


Full description: This agreement gives you access to facilities management services across the UK. Suppliers' geographical coverage is classified by NUTS 2 regions (40 regions of the UK as defined by the Nomenclature of Territorial Statistics) to provide you with regional competition and national coverage.

There may also be limited opportunities for suppliers to provide international coverage for buyers procuring UK services.

Services covered:

  • Contract management
  • Contract mobilisation
  • Maintenance services
  • Horticultural services
  • Statutory obligations
  • Catering services
  • Cleaning services
  • Workplace FM services
  • Reception services
  • Security services
  • Waste services
  • Miscellaneous FM services
  • Computer-aided facilities management (CAFM)
  • Helpdesk services
  • Management of billable works.

All suppliers can offer mandatory services within each of the above. Suppliers can also provide a number of non-mandatory FM services. ‘Framework Schedule 1 - Specification’ (see attached documents) provides detail on the full scope of services available under this agreement.

Once you’ve selected the services you require, this information and your location is run through a selection tool to identify suppliers who are able to deliver your requirements. Currently CCS operates this selection tool offline. But soon we will be releasing the tool as part of Crown Market place so you can run the selection yourself.

To ensure buyers have access to the right suppliers, the agreement has 1 lot which is split into 3 sub-categorised lots. Each sub-lot is determined by total contract value:

Lot 1a - Up to £7m...............27 suppliers
Lot 1b - £7m - £50m............35 suppliers
Lot 1c - Over £50m..............21 suppliers

The agreement is designed this way to allow all scales of requirements to be satisfied by the agreement, making it suitable for all public sector organisations to use.


  • Enables SMEs to bid for public sector contracts, supporting the government's aspiration for £1 in every £3 to be spent with SMEs by 2022
  • Encompasses lower value customer requirements
  • Regional lot structure means you can procure services locally, enhancing social value
  • Simple call-off contract terms. You can select the schedules needed to meet your requirements using the new Public Sector Contract. This contains simplified, concise terms and conditions which are easier to use and understand, including  legal protection for buyers and suppliers
  • Simple bid pack to communicate your requirements to suppliers
  • Upcoming Crown Marketplace (CMP) digital platform enables you to filter suppliers automatically dependent on contract value, service requirements and location. An offline tool mirrors this process while CMP is in development
  • You can request suppliers tailor their offer to match your social value priorities and measurable local benefits, such as: an efficient and sustainable public estate; support for diversity and inclusion; improved competency and capacity
  • Contract length can be awarded for up to 7 years with an option to extend by up to 3 years.

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Read the Customer Guidance document first.

To buy off this agreement, use either Crown Marketplace (CMP) or the offline process which is available while CMP is under development. Both follow the same principles from Framework Schedule 7 - Call off Procedure and Award Criteria.

The first step to accessing the agreement is to complete and return a Customer User Agreement (CUA) to info[at][dot]uk. Once this is completed and returned CCS will provide you with a unique reference number that must be used on all subsequent communication with CCS and suppliers.

You should provide details of “Buyer Inputs” in the CUA. CCS will run your inputs through a selector tool which will identify a shortlisted group of suppliers that are able to meet all your requirements in the correct geographical locations. When CMP is launched you’ll be able to self-serve.

Buyer inputs provided in the CUA will help us to create a “Supplier Brief". This is used to communicate details of your needs to the suppliers, and allows shortlisted suppliers to make an initial decision on whether they wish to proceed to the next stage.

The supplier selector tool also identifies which routes to procurement are available to you: direct award or further competition.


Direct award is not yet available on this agreement. 

When it is available it will be for mandatory services only, with a contract value of up to and including £1.5 million. For further information please read the Customer Guidance document. Please contact us if you want to use this route.


Further competition is available for mandatory and non-mandatory services. Standard or bespoke T&Cs can be applied for any contract value.

To start a further competition, complete Framework Schedule 6 - Order form template and call off schedules, available in the documents tab. Your detailed requirements will form the basis of the call-off contract.

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Public bodies will be able to procure FM services an average of 10% cheaper than when running their own procurements, because of economies of scale. This is verified by analysing current CCS FM deals.

The framework prices provided by the suppliers will be the maximum you will pay. Suppliers may bid lower during further competition, and they are also able to provide discounted rates for direct award.

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This framework was developed to include more services than the previous FM framework (RM1056), to cover identified gaps, and to ensure a comprehensive set of FM services. CCS has revised the existing services to clarify and separate out service lines.

Additional services include:

  • Airport and aerodromes maintenance services
  • Specialist maintenance services
  • Statutory inspections
  • Building information modeling and government soft landings
  • Mobile cleaning services
  • Specialist cleaning
  • Medical and clinical cleaning
  • Stores management
  • Portable washroom services
  • Administrative support services.

This agreement gives you access to a much larger number of suppliers than previous FM agreements. CCS has also included social value features.

During consultation, public sector customers highlighted their desire to procure services locally, enabling more agile and convenient delivery. Consequently, this agreement has been structured to deliver services specific to local, regional and geographical areas throughout the UK.

This is the first commercial agreement to form part of the FM Marketplace, a wider strategy to provide public sector customers with a one-stop shop for all FM requirements.

This agreement was developed through market engagement with potential public sector customers, and suppliers who have provided services under the previous FM agreements.

For the duration of the framework suppliers will be measured by agreed KPIs to ensure they continue to deliver best value. Robust resolutions are provided if standards aren’t achieved. As well as monitoring suppliers, the CCS framework manager will implement continuous improvement plans and benchmarking exercises as mandatory requirements during the lifetime of any contract.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 46 - click here to view suppliers
1a Total contract value up to £7M Property 27 - click here to view suppliers 09/07/2020
1b Total contract value £7M - £50M Property 34 - click here to view suppliers 09/07/2020
1c Total contract value £50M+ Property 20 - click here to view suppliers 09/07/2020

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Julie Sullivan

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