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Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions

Contract ID: RM6016

Start Date: 01/03/2018

End Date: 28/02/2021


Synopsis: Rail and air travel and accommodation booking. Includes finding venues, for example for conferences.


Full description: This agreement includes online and offline service, specialist services, and zero and low-cost booking fee models. The agreement allows you to specify rail and air travel and accommodation requirements in a user-friendly booking environment, equivalent to commercial travel websites. The agreement includes options for fully managed off and online services. There is also a lot for finding venues and supporting services.


Public Sector Negotiated Programmes
The Public Sector Negotiated Programmes for transportation and accommodation are the largest programmes of their kind in the UK, enabling CCS to achieve the best value fares and rates.

  • To request a new fare for inclusion on the Public Sector Negotiated Programme for Air, complete our new fare request form.
  • To request a new property for inclusion in the Public Sector Negotiated Programme for Accommodation, complete our new property request form.



  • Off and online solutions through CCS’s Digital Travel Solution (DigiTS)
  • Option to share commission between you and supplier
  • Use of technology, for example, barcode tickets to reduce printing
  • Data security specified by the National Cyber Security Centre
  • Performance measured from your go-live date: refreshed service credits commence on the third full month
  • Supports government strategies on buying from SMEs, carbon-reduction commitments and data security
  • Improved access, quality, accuracy and timeliness of supplier management information and reporting.

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The agreements can be accessed via direct award and further competition. CCS will work with you to identify the most suitable solution.

Read the customer welcome document section entitled How to use this Commercial Agreement which outlines a number of different ways the lots can be accessed.

Choose your route to market:

  • Lots 1, 2, 3 and 5 are single- supplier lots, so direct award only is permitted. Use the enabling agreement to buy. Pricing can be accessed via CCS’s eSourcing tool
  • Lot 4 can be accessed either by direct award or by running a further competition among the three suppliers. Pricing can be requested from CCS.

Read the customer welcome document for further guidance.

Access to online booking tools will be via the DigiTS portal. CCS Travel team will send you details on how to register when you return the enabling agreement.

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Commercial Benefits -  The new  Commercial agreements are expected to deliver c£5.3m of commercial benefits, assuming all customers will choose the most commercially viable combination of solutions. 

Negotiated Programmes (Air & Accommodation) Benchmark - Under these Commercial Agreements all customers will have access to the negotiated programmes for air and accommodation, inclusive of a wide range of rates and fares in the UK and overseas. Recent benchmark results told us, that airfares under the CCS-negotiated air programme were 9% lower than our peers and overnight accommodation were also lower compared with Peers in major UK  cities.

Price Match - Through these Commercial Agreements Suppliers will offer a Price Match guarantee on all fares and rates it supplies to each Customer to guarantee the Supplier is offering the lowest cost options for travel and accommodation.  Price Match fares or rates are those that are available to the general public online (certain conditions apply; please see the relevant Solution Specification of Requirements).

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CCS currently has one live travel agreement:

  • RM3735 Crown Travel and Venue Services (CTVS)

Legacy (expired) arrangements include:

  • RM918 Central Government Travel Management Services
  • RM1034 Wider Public Sector Travel Management Services (WPSTMS)
  • RM808 Travel Management Service Provider
  • RM489 Travel Management Services

CCS developed a procurement strategy to combine all spend under one Commercial Agreement, maximising our leverage of economies of scale to the total public sector spend on travel and venue find services.  When buying common goods and services, bringing together customers’ needs provides several advantages - including commercial benefits to the public purse and a simpler tender process.  The level of public sector spend on travel in the UK makes this procurement the largest Supplier opportunity in terms of volume and value in the UK travel market. 

Since the go live of RM3735 the CCS travel team, in partnership with key Customers, has identified a number of opportunities to further achieve and deliver maximum value and efficiency.  Combining lessons learnt from previous Commercial Agreements with current market knowledge and innovation will enable CCS, through this Agreement, to deliver additional benefits and an improved service offering to Customers.

Public Sector Travel & Venue Solutions ensures that there is a Commercial Agreement to succeed  CTVS contracting arrangements upon expiry, and offers both new customers and those on legacy arrangements the opportunity to move to a market-leading new way of sourcing business travel, accommodation and venue find services.

Customers of these Commercial Agreementswill gain access to the Public Sector Negotiated Programmes for transportation and accommodation, which are the largest programmes of their kind in the UK - enabling CCS to achieve the best value fares and rates for the entire public sector.

How was the agreement developed?

The new solutions structure consisted of five solutions; three of which were new, specialised and not included in previous procurements:

Solution 1 – Online Rail Booking     (new)  1 supplier awarded
Solution 2 – Online Accommodation Booking (new)  1 supplier awarded
Solution 3 – Online Air Booking     (new)  1 supplier awarded
Solution 4 – Online & Offline Booking                         3 suppliers awarded
Solution 5 – Venue Find & Supporting Services              1 supplier awarded

The addition of these three new, specialised lots aimed to provide customers with a simple, user-friendly, intuitive, low-cost, online booking service the for simple travel requirements that make up the vast majority of the public sector spend.

Testing the proof of concept and procurement strategy has taken place with a cross section of travel providers including incumbent TMCs, consolidators and specialist providers. Wider and formal market and customer engagements was conducted at several intervals during 2017, with public sector customers participating in the specification build, evaluation and other key stages of the procurement.



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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 7 - click here to view suppliers
1 Online Rail Booking Travel 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2021
2 Online Accommodation Booking Travel 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2021
3 Online Air Booking Travel 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2021
4 Online and Offline Business Travel Booking Travel 3 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2021
5 Venue finding Services and Group Accommodation Booking Travel 1 - click here to view suppliers 28/02/2021

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Travel Team

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