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Government Hubs Fit Out Framework

Contract ID: RM6073

Start Date: 19/06/2017

End Date: 18/06/2021


Synopsis: Fit-out services for renovating and refurbishing new and existing offices for central government and wider public sector.


Full description: The framework provides either a traditional or design-and-build approach to your construction project. The delivery models are:

  • Two-stage design and build
  • Two-stage traditional
  • Single-stage design and build
  • Single-stage traditional


The services provided are divided into pre-construction and construction activities.

Pre-construction services:

  • Programme (schedule) management
  • Cost management and estimating
  • Value engineering
  • Sub-supplier procurement
  • Risk management
  • Design development
  • Health, safety, environmental and sustainability
  • Quality management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Reporting and communications
  • Buildings information modelling (BIM)


Construction activities:

All construction activities as specified in the drawings and the customer’s requirements.




  • Access to a wide selection of suppliers that have a proven track record of delivering varying types, locations and size of fit-out/refurbishment projects
  • Maximum standard rates are fixed for the duration of the framework. These rates may be further reduced by suppliers by further competition
  • UK and regional coverage
  • Robust key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure suppliers’ performance that can be tailored to buyers’ requirements
  • Flexibility to accommodate changes to design, materials, technology, health and safety regulation etc.

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Read the customer guidance notes, for advice on how to buy from this framework, and complete a customer user agreement (CUA) form (see attached documents).

Email the completed form to CCS at property[at][dot]uk CCS will send you a CUA reference number, which you will need to include in the tender documents.

The CUA enables CCS to:

  • Track delivery of specific projects between buyers and the supplier
  • Further develop the framework based on real user data
  • Provide transparent data

Among the attached documents you should also read:

  • "Framework specification" which details the goods and services included
  • "Accessing the Framework Rate Card" which details the supplier price schedules for the 3 lots.

All procurement from this framework is by further competition. Direct award is not permitted.


Suppliers need enough time to complete and submit their bid. Please allow time for this when conducting a further competition through this framework.

If you need guidance on the length of time they may need, use the RFI template early in the procurement process to contact suppliers to find out their timescales. You can find the RFI template in the documents tab.

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The suppliers’ rates used in the call-off procedure are the maximum that can be charged by the supplier. Customers can achieve more savings from carrying out a further competition through this framework.  

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The Government’s Estates vision is to create an efficient, fit-for-purpose and sustainable estate whose performance matches the best of the private sector. As part of that vision, the Government Hubs Programme is driving a radical reshaping of the Civil Service office estate. Therefore the Fit Out framework has been developed so that CCS can offer its customer base an end to end process of frameworks from construction to occupancy and maintenance. 

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All suppliers 9 - click here to view suppliers
1 National UK coverage for work over £25m Property 4 - click here to view suppliers 18/06/2021
2 Northern UK coverage for work under £25m Property 8 - click here to view suppliers 18/06/2021
3 Southern UK coverage for work under £25m Property 8 - click here to view suppliers 18/06/2021

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Hayley Cleverly

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