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GSi Convergence

Contract ID: RM828

Start Date: 16/08/2011

End Date: 16/08/2015



All existing call-off contracts will continue to be serviced, with each call-off contract expiring in accordance with its own terms. For the majority of customers this was 31 March 2017, after which point customers had no contractual cover for the delivery of these services. Ex PNN3 customers can maintain contractual cover through to 31 August 2018.

The GSI Network consists of 2 parts: PSN Connectivity which allows secure access to the Network, and the Core Service package which contains functionality that allows GSI Customer to communicate.

Frequently asked questions

1.     What do I need to do now?

Customers have two options:

2.     The GCF Framework expired on 16 August 2015, what happens to my GCF call-off contract?

GCF call-off contracts are not affected by the expiry of the framework. Each call-off contract is an independent contract that will expire in accordance with its own terms. All customers should have been through a Vodafone process that has extended your call-off contract until 31 December 2016. This was followed by an extension taking the contract to the 30th March 2017. This period has now passed and customers must reprocure using one of the two routes outlined above.

3.     Can I opt out of receiving all of the core service components?

No, customers will have to take the full Core Services Bundle.

4.     What happens to my GCF services that are not core services?

Any services that you receive through your GCF call-off contract that are not core services will be unaffected by this change; you will continue to receive these services as currently described in your call-off until your call-off expires or is terminated.

5.     How long will my email service continue to operate after the GCF Framework expires?

GCF email services (which include any mailboxes you have and the mail relay service) will continue for you until your particular GCF call-off contract expires.
6.  How do I continue to get secure email after this?

Historically, GCF email services have been used for email addresses with the following domain names:


You don’t need to use these names to get secure email. The GDS changes to government network policy explains this and the CTS guidance tells you how to implement such solutions.

7.  Who do I contact if I need more information?

Please email us at networkservices[at][dot]uk in the first instance.


The GSi Convergence Framework was developed:

  • As a successor to the expired GSi framework. It was the replacement contracting vehicle for the continuation of GSi services and was signed on 16 August 2011, allowing customers time to transition to the new arrangements before 20 February 2012 when their existing service contracts came to an end.
  • To provide customers with a simple route towards PSN compliance.
  • To deliver savings.

The framework was developed by consulting with key stakeholders, defining customer requirements and liaising with industry and other suppliers.  As part of the overall Government ICT Strategy the framework was developed to provide a route to PSN and full PSN compliance.

We managed the framework including customer and supplier relationship management, with the support of Cabinet Office and National Technical Authority for Information Assurance.

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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Government Secure Intranet Technology 1 - click here to view suppliers 16/08/2015

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Networks Duty Officer

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