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Modular Building Systems

Contract ID: RM875

Start Date: 27/09/2011

End Date: 25/09/2015


The Modular Building Systems agreement (RM875) expired on 25 September 2015.

We plan to develop a new Modular Buildings Systems procurement solution, and would like to engage with potential customers to ensure that the new offering meets your needs. If you would like to be involved in this stakeholder engagement please email property[at][dot]uk

If you have any immediate requirements please contact our helpdesk on 0345 410 2222 for advice regarding alternative options.

The Modular Building Systems framework offers a real alternative to traditional build accommodation, providing a comprehensive range of solutions designed to cover most temporary and semi-permanent accommodation requirements.

Split into five building types across 10 lots the framework offers generic timber and steel framed structures in standard sizes and configurations, with options for variable plans and multi-storey configurations to suit customer specific requirements.

Complementing the generic buildings are catering units and modular restaurant/canteen applications; educational units offering solutions for nursery, primary, secondary and further education accommodation needs; and healthcare units covering patient consultation, patient accommodation and modular operating theatre units.

Call-off terms incorporated within the framework include a suite of NEC and JCT standard forms designed to cover contract requirements either by outright purchase or lease/hire.

Service options range from manufacture, construction, delivery and installation on to a prepared site of standard units to a full “design and build” turnkey package with site preparation, planning, installation and commissioning, ongoing maintenance and “remove and recover” options.


  • An ideal solution to urgent accommodation requirements.
  • Wide range of buildings to suit almost every requirement.
  • Up to 60 year design life with minimum maintenance costs.
  • Wide range of design configurations including single storey “linked units”, multi storey and variable (plan) footprint applications.
  • Sector specific building types and styles.
  • Full compliance with building regulations including “Part L” – Conservation of Fuel and Power.
  • Full “turnkey” packages available.

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Call-off contracts can be put in place either by direct order or further competition:

Direct order

All the lots within the framework have “standard specification buildings” that are built and equipped according to the standard specifications contained in Schedule 1, with dimensions and patterns illustrated on the standard price matrices.

If you decide that a standard specification building entirely meets your requirement you can place a direct order with the provider of choice according to the evaluation criteria shown in Schedule 5 - Part 1, which can be found in the Framework PDF within the documents section.

Further competition

If your requirements cannot be fully met by a “standard specification building” you should carry out a capability assessment and further competition within the appropriate lot using either your own organisation’s process or our capability assessment and further competition tool. 

Please note that a further competition under this framework should be evaluated using the award criteria illustrated in Schedule 5 - Part 2, which can be found in the documents section within the framework agreement PDF.

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Customers can expect to realise savings in the region of 6.5% to 8% measured against 2009/10 baseline figures when procuring “standard specification buildings” by direct order. This level of savings is evidenced and verified by independent survey.

Customers wishing to procure modular buildings as part of a larger accommodation project involving pre and post installation site works, therefore placing a contract as a result of a further competition, should realise savings between 5% and 10%. This is largely dependent on the scope and complexity of the project as direct (project to project) comparisons are difficult to make. However, industry trends and the use of modern techniques have driven considerable cost reductions in the provision of construction related services. 

Stringent supplier relationship management tools and techniques are also utilised to monitor and control cost drivers.

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The agreement was developed as a part of “continuous improvement” from the previous Modular Buildings framework. Following customer feedback, the new agreement has been made more relevant to the different sectors, such as education and health, enabling customers to access specialisms and features relevant to their specific needs.

The modular building industry has progressed in terms of build quality, sustainability, longevity and scope of supply to narrow the gap between modular structures and traditional (bricks and mortar) buildings. The new framework has also taken full advantage of these advances in specifications driven by new regulatory standards and the availability of modern high performance materials. This feature of “continuous improvement” will continue throughout the life of the framework.

The agreement was developed to deliver a range of modular building solutions using the most up to date manufacturing methods and processes, materials and techniques. It has also been designed to provide customers with safe, cost effective and energy saving accommodation solutions.


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
All Lots Agreement has now expired Property 1 - click here to view suppliers 25/09/2015

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