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Provision of Gas Tight Suits

Contract ID: RM938

Start Date: 11/03/2015

End Date: 10/03/2019


The goods and services available under this framework include:

  • An operational gas tight suit with a shelf-life of at least 10 years
  • A training gas tight suit of appropriate material and construction, and providing similar characteristics to the operational suit
  • A range of customisation options, including:
    • sizes
    • attachment point configuration
    • pass-through coupling configuration
    • suit and container markings
    • container type

Only one core design of operational suit is available through the framework. The design available satisfies the core requirements and standardsspecified during the procurement.

In consultation with the supplier, and at no additional cost, you may further specify a number of design and supply options when calling off from the framework. Further details of the customisation options available are set out in the framework agreement.

Whilst it has been established that the supplier has the capability to maintain, test and repair suits, please be aware that these services are NOT available for purchase under the terms of this framework. You will need to make separate purchasing arrangements for any maintenance activity required during the shelf-life of the suits.


  • The specification and requirement documents have been created in consultation with multiple organisations and the market, ensuring the solution procured can satisfy a range of performance standards
  • The framework uses the public dector’s combined purchasing power to achieve economies of scale and drive savings
  • The trial and testing assessments carried out during the framework procurement exercise should minimise the need for you to carry out such resource intensive procedures when considering the suitability of the suits
  • The award was based on an evaluation panel formed of both category managers and subject experts from government and the wider public sector – providing both commercial and technical assurance that the goods and services provided will deliver value for money.

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To use the agreement first of all complete and return a copy of the customer access agreement to ruth.mccreithcowley[at][dot]uk
We will then confirm you are able to use the framework, and update the supplier with your details of your organisation.

As this is a single supplier framework there is no requirement to conduct a further competition before placing an order.
A call-off agreement can be awarded subject to the provisions of Framework Schedule 5 (Call-Off Procedure) and provided that you are able to:

a) determine that your requirements can be met by the description of the goods as set out in the Framework Agreement, particularly Schedule 2 (Goods and/or Services) and Schedule 20 (Tender) and

b) determine that the supplier has sufficient capacity to fulfil the order within the required timeframes and

c) determine that all of the terms of the Framework Agreement and the Template Call-Off Terms do not require material amendment or any supplementary terms and conditions (other than the inclusion of optional provisions already provided for in the Template Call-Off Terms).

Once you have established that the supplier is capable of fully meeting your requirements you will be in a position to put in place a call-off agreement by completing Framework Schedule 4 (Template Order Form and Template Call-Off Terms) and issuing directly to the supplier. Framework Schedule 4 identifies the terms and conditions which will comprise the call-off agreement to be placed with the supplier.

Framework Schedule 4, which is set out as a template, needs to be populated, and may be done so in consultation with the supplier. 

Following the award of a call-off agreement, details should be emailed to ruth.mccreithcowley[at][dot]uk including:

  • a call-off agreement reference number
  • an itemised breakdown of the goods purchased 
  • the date of the contract
  • the required delivery date(s)

Further details, including technical specification documents, are available on request. 

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An eAuction was used as part of a comprehensive tendering exercise, and the prices listed are the maximum chargeable under the framework. These prices are subject to the benchmarking and price review clauses within the framework terms.

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The UK emergency services require Gas Tight Suits (GTS) to support the undertaking of activities in environments contaminated with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents. A procurement exercise was therefore designed to establish a framework for the provision of an appropriate Gas Tight Suit.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) is required to have a stock of Gas Tight Suits for use by Fire and Rescue Services (FRS). Gas Tight Suits provide protection to the FRS from dangerous and toxic substances when responding to emergency situations such as chemical spills and terrorist attacks.

DCLG wanted to maximise collaboration with OGD’s who may have similar requirements. DCLG therefore collaborated with CCS, Home Office, Department of Health (DoH) and representative fire bodies to ensure the project requirements covered a range of potential needs.


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Lot details

Lot Number Lot Name Lot Category Number of Suppliers Contract Expiry
1 Gas Tight Suits Property 1 - click here to view suppliers 10/03/2019

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Framework Manager Contact Details

Ruth McCreithCowley

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