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Media Buying

We have now published an official OJEU Notice to open the tender process for the new Media Buying Framework (RM6003)


The agreement will replace the current media buying agreement which expires in November 2018, and will cover the provision of media buying services across all online and offline channels regionally, nationally and internationally.

The publication of the OJEU notice follows an extensive period of consultation with key stakeholders, industry bodies and agencies.

This process has helped create a replacement agreement that aims to deliver the best possible campaign outcomes for government and wider public sector, provide value for the taxpayer and set a positive example for the wider industry.

eTendering Registration

Agencies should refer to the ITT for further details on how to complete their tender and for the dates by which these must be submitted. The supplier guidance is available here for download.

Bidder Conference - 20th February 2018

CCS and GCS will be holding a bidder conference  at 1 Horse Guards Road, Room G12, between 11:00am - 1:30pm. This will be open for all agencies intending to bid.

Attendance will be limited to SIX attendees per agency. Names of attendees must be submitted in advance to: Media.Buying[at][dot]uk

Attendees who arrive on the day who have not submitted their name in advance will not be permitted. The deadline for submission of names is 15:00 hours on 16/02/2018. Full details of the conference, including an agenda, will be sent to all registered agencies on 19/02/2018.

The agenda for the bidder conference will include:

  1. Welcome and overview from CCS / GCS.
  2. Summary of pricing grids from PwC.
  3. Individual face to face clarification sessions with heads of marketing (or equivalent role). These sessions will be 20 minutes in duration and will cover each of the two case studies (at QC1 and QC2 respectively);
  4. These sessions are for information only and the authority representative has no power to make binding agreements. Due to the strict time limits, it is advised you have all questions you wish to be answered ready upon entering the session.

The agenda for each of the two sessions will include:

  1. An overview of the department and the campaign objective for each case study by the Authority representative.
  2. An opportunity for the agency to ask questions.
  3. All questions and answers from these sessions will be captured, anonymised and shared with all agencies intending to bid.
  4. Information provided at these sessions can only be relied upon where it is formally added to the clarifications table in the eSourcing suite.

Important Links

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