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Vehicle Purchase RM6060

We are working with stakeholders across the public sector to develop a new commercial agreement for vehicle purchase. 


The new agreement will replace the current RM1070 vehicle purchase framework which expires on 1 December 2018.

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN

Contract Notice in OJEU

View contract notice

Market engagement

We held a supplier industry day on 8 March, please see below for the slides and the Q&A from the event: 

Vehicle Purchase Industry Day Presentation

Vehicle Purchase Industry Day Q&A

Supplier feedback opportunity 

The new Public Sector Contract (PSC) will be used for all CCS commercial agreements for common goods and services. The new PSC comprises:

  1. Core Terms - which form part of the framework and call-off contracts
  2. Schedules - split into 3 groups for framework schedules, call off schedules and joint schedules
  3. Forms - the framework award form and call off order form

All future CCS commercial agreements will use an agreed set of draft templates as a starting point for developing the commercial documentation. CCS may choose to make amendments or insert special terms to better suit a particular market or customer base.

The Fleet Category recognise that the standard draft PSC terms may need to be amended to reflect the needs of the fleet industry.  Therefore, as part of the pre-tender engagement for the RM6060 Vehicle Purchase framework, suppliers were invited to feedback on the standard Core Terms to help inform final drafting for OJEU publication. The deadline for feedback was 4 May 2018.

Core Terms v.3.0.1

RM6060 Core Terms Supplier Feedback Form


We are seeking to appoint vehicle manufacturers to the Vehicle Purchase framework as it is they who control pricing and production and who are responsible for all the legislative testing of vehicles.

We are not seeking to alter the UK supply network for the provision of vehicles, including the processing of orders and invoices, the delivery of vehicles and the provision of any ongoing services. In this sense, manufacturers are not subcontracting to dealers, but dealers are agents of the manufacturers, in provision of vehicles.

To support the customer, We are enhancing the legal description under the new Vehicle Purchase framework to make clear that supply via this network is perfectly legitimate, but that the manufacturer appointed to the framework still holds the ultimate responsibility for the effective delivery of the contract.

As part of the pre-tender engagement for the RM6060 Vehicle Purchase framework, suppliers were invited to feedback on the proposal below to be built into the new Vehicle Purchase framework. The deadline for feedback was 4 May 2018.

RM6060 Manufacturer-Dealer-Customer relationship Supplier Feedback Form