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Insurance and Related Services RM6020

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) is working to develop a new commercial agreement for the provision of insurance and related services for the public sector - IS3.



We currently offer the IS2 framework agreement for these services (RM3731) with lots for insurance, brokerage, claims handling and related services.

It is anticipated that IS3 will follow a similar approach with a framework agreement with lots for brokerage, claims handling and related rervices. A lotting structure is not yet defined and may include insurance and related services as a lot within the framework agreement. We are, however, also considering running a parallel dynamic purchasing agreement for insurance and related services, accessible by brokers awarded to IS3.


Customer engagement

We welcome input from public sector organisations, who are users of these services, in order to:

  • bring experience and knowledge to shaping the new solution
  • help identify where we can learn from past experiences to improve upon current arrangements
  • maximise commercial benefits through a robust specification of requirements
  • enhance the ability to identify and include innovative products and solutions

We would value any feedback you have to help us deliver an outstanding solution.

If you would like to contribute to the solution and participate in customer engagement, please email Carl Kelleher at insurance-services-3[at][dot]uk.

Please monitor the important links and timescales section below to remain up to date on the project.


Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN 

Contract Notice (CN) in OJEU

A contract notice for this procurement has not yet been issued

Download tender documents

Tender documents are not yet available



Pre-market engagementSummer 2018
Drafting of procurement documentationSummer/Autumn 2018
Publication of OJEU noticeSeptember/October 2018
Framework AwardJanuary/February 2019

*Please note these are indicative timescales and may be subject to change