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Self-Serve Print Platform

Crown Commercial Services is working with wider public sector stakeholders to develop a new self-serve print platform solution which will be capable of fulfilling the vast and varied print requirements of our wider public sector customers.  We are working in collaboration with YPO to develop this new and exciting opportunity.  


Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is seeking to establish an agreement for a supplier managed self-serve print platform which will be capable of bringing under management the high-volume, low-spend print requirements across the public sector, allowing access to a pre-qualified, dynamic and local supplier base who offer real-time pricing across the print landscape. The solution will enable the end user to access the most cost effective and efficient solution for their print requirements based on variables including price and location.  The solution will also support SME's in accessing public sector business.

The supplier hosted and managed solution will provide an external-facing technology platform that provides real-time access to a vendor database of local printers who can offer dynamic pricing for customers’ various print requirements.

CCS is intending to host Supplier sessions w/c 13th August 2018.  To register an interest, please follow the instructions in the PIN (see also: Corrigendum).

The date of OJEU dispatch is subject to change. Please see our website for further updates:

Market Engagement

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) and Corrigendum has been published. If you would like to express your interest in bidding, please follow the instructions in the PIN.