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Payment Acceptance (RM6118)

CCS is working to develop a new commercial agreement for the provision of Payment Acceptance Services for the Public Sector. 


UPDATE - 20th September 2018

We are releasing an initial draft of the proposed RM6118 Payment Acceptance specification for reading and comment, in advance of publishing the official tender documentation. We welcome your comments on this, which you can email to paymentsin[at][dot]uk. Please submit your comments before the 19th October.

DRAFT CCS RM6118 Payment Acceptance Specification September 2018

Please note that this is a draft document and therefore subject to change. Please also note that the document will not be formatted in this way when published. This document does not represent the final lotting structure which is still under consideration. 

Whilst we welcome comments on the document and will consider these, there is no guarantee that comments will be addressed/ included in the final tender documentation. We are not planning to reply to individual comments. 

Please email paymentsin[at][dot]uk if you have any questions. 


UPDATE - 19th November 2018

We have now completed an initial round of market engagement sessions with potential suplliers, which have provided feedback on the proposed approach and initial draft of the RM6118 Payment Acceptance specification.

With this feedback in mind, we have updated our draft lotting structure, which can be found here for reading and comment.

Whilst we welcome comments on the lotting structure and will consider these, there is no guarantee that comments will be addressed/included in the final tender documentation. 

Please email paymentsin[at][dot]uk if you have any questions. 



We are considering the development of a framework for payment acceptance services. In essence, this framework would replace the current Merchant Acquiring Services, Equipment and Payment Gateway Services framework, RM3702.

Payment Acceptance can be defined as the process by which providers of goods and services are paid by consumers.

Typically those receiving payments are paid by an “acquirer” who is a regulated entity who can settle funds from a range of payment types (such as Visa and MasterCard).

This acquirer typically receives funds from the consumer’s card or account “issuer” and the transaction flow is governed by the relevant payment scheme rules and delivered by the relevant interbank processor.

In light of PSD2 and UK Open Banking initiatives and ongoing market developments, a range of payment acceptance services and supplies are being evaluated, namely:-

  • Card Acquiring Services e.g. VISA/Mastercard etc.
  • Gateway Services e.g. acquirer connectivity, APM connectivity, fraud, encryption, tokenisation, reporting, F2F and eCommerce transaction support, reporting etc.
  • Payments Equipment e.g. rental, leasing, till rolls etc.
  • Alternative Payment Mechanisms (APMs) eg. PayPal including connectivity and aggregated settlement – the ‘Collect Model’.
  • Payment Initiation Services eg initiating credit transfers from a buyer website which are cleared and settled to the buyer account.

This is a potential multi-lot, multi-supplier framework agreement.

Market Engagement

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has recently been published. We would like to conduct engagement with suppliers who operate in this market to gain a greater understanding of the marketplace.

In order to gain further insight into the market for such a service and to generate interest amongst potential bidders the Authority intend hosting a series of market engagement events to be held during September 2018 at which participating organisations will be engaged to elaborate their thinking. Based on the criteria outlined above and at your discretion, we propose that you attach a summary (less 400 words) of how you could potentially meet some or all of these initial requirements. Prospective providers wishing to participate should, in the first instance, email Jessie Crabtree at paymentsin[at][dot]uk  with the subject heading “Payments Acceptance Event” by close of business on 24/8//2018. Upon receipt of the expressions of interest, and the information only submissions, further details of the formal presentation and attendance instructions will be made.

Your email must clearly state:

1) Organisation name;

2) Contact name;

3) Job title of contact (including responsibility within your organisation);

4) Contact phone number;

5) Contact email;

6) Organisation website link.

Customer engagement

We want to begin consultations with public sector organisations who are users of these services to help bring experience and knowledge to shape the solution.

The aim of the consultations is to identify where we can learn from past experiences to improve upon current arrangements and maximise commercial benefits through a robust specification of requirements with the ability to keep up with new, innovative products and solutions.

We would value any feedback you have to help us deliver an outstanding solution.

If you would like to contribute to the solution and participate in customer engagement, please email Jessie Crabtree at paymentsin[at][dot]uk

Please monitor the Important Links and Timescales section below to remain up to date on the project.

Important links

We will update the important links below, at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for buyers and suppliers is released.

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN

Contract Notice in OJEU

Contract notice has not yet been published

Download tender documents

Tender documents are not yet available




Pre-market engagement

Summer 2018/Autumn

Drafting of procurement documentation

Autumn 2018

Publication of OJEU notice

Winter 2018

Framework Award

Q2 2019


*Please note these are indicative timescales and may be subject to change