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Why work with us?

We can help you save time and money buying a wide range of products and services to meet both your current and future requirements for information content management and office services.

We have frameworks for print, office supplies, multifunctional devices (printers and copiers), network printers, records management, postal goods and services and couriers, all of which complement each other to help you to address your every business need.

Choose CCS and benefit from:

  • help with your digital agenda
  • great savings and streamlined processes
  • convenient options to buy
  • security and compliance
  • advice and support from industry experts
  • collaboration to create frameworks that suit you


Our frameworks

Managed print services and records management

This framework is an all-in-one solution for your printer/copier/scanner, managed print and records information management needs. Customers have benefited from average savings of 15% by using the latest technology to reduce print and storage costs and up to 47% through an online catalogue designed for easy ordering of entry level printer/copier devices and software.

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Print solutions


This framework allows you to choose from a full range of print and digital solutions, including both fully managed end-to-end solutions and individual service options, such as print and paper products, pre production services and direct mail. Customers have experienced savings in the region of 5-20%, depending on their print maturity and volumes.

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Office solutions


This single lot framework gives you access to essential office supplies, from stationery and janitorial products to desktop printers and digital storage devices. By taking part in an eAuction customers have benefited from savings of up to 50%. A number of products are also available to buy through the Crown Marketplace purchasing platform, which offers an easy and quick way to buy for ad hoc stationery requirements.

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This framework brings together a wide range of requirements including international mail, hybrid mail, franking machines and mailroom equipment and digital inbound mail, along with simple collection and delivery. Customers are saving as much as 33% a year on their postal services.

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Access great savings and improved efficiency on commonly used courier services across land, air and sea. Our framework includes collection and delivery of documents and parcels, secure collection, storage and delivery of examination papers and dedicated networks. More complex services such as the movement of medical consignments, seized goods and firearms are covered under our Specialist Courier Services framework. Savings of 15% can be expected, depending on requirements.

View the Courier Services and Specialist Courier Services framework pages. 


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