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Procurement pipeline

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Procurements recently awarded


Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary ServicesRM3800April 2018
Corporate ServicesMedia BuyingRM6003May 2018


G-Cloud 10RM1557.10July 2018
BuildingsStandby and Emergency GeneratorsRM6063August 2018


Supply Teachers and Temporary Staff in Educational EstablishmentsRM3826August 2018


Technology Expense Management (TEM)RM3802September 2018
Corporate SolutionsVehicle PurchaseRM6060December 2018
Professional ServicesWider Public Sector Legal ServicesRM3788September 2018


Procurements underway

The links provided in the agreement section below give further information about the procurement, including the OJEU notice and details on how to tender for interested suppliers. 

CategoryAgreementCodeExpected award date

Professional Services

Executive Search Dynamic Purchasing SystemPS-2016-PS Servicesongoing until February 2020


Digital Outcomes and Specialists 3RM1043.5October 2018


Data and Application SolutionsRM3821January 2019
Professional Services

Permanent Recruitment

RM6002October 2018

Professional Services

Professional Economist Integrated Degree ApprenticeshipRM6107September 2018
Corporate SolutionsPayment SolutionsRM3828October 2018
BuildingsWorkplace Services (FM Marketplace - phase 2)RM6089March 2019
TechnologyeSourcing PlatformRM6101January 2019


Procurements being run on behalf of customers
CustomerAgreementCodeExpected award date




Planned procurements
CategoryAgreementPlanned OJEU publication datePlanned award date

Corporate Solutions

Financial Analysis and Monitoring Services RM6105  December 2018March 2019
Corporate SolutionsFinancial Services Group Leasing Finance and Advisory Services RM6120March/April 2019June/July 2019
TechnologyNetwork Services 2November 20182019


Dynamic Purchasing Systems currently open
AgreementCodeOpening date

Vehicle Conversion

RM3814August 2017

HSCN Access Services


November 2017

Research Marketplace

RM6018January 2018
Utilities Switching Services (DPS)RM3809August 2018
Heat Networks and Electricity Generation AssetsRM3824October 2018


Future pipeline
BuildingsConstruction Products, Consumables and Materials
BuildingsModular Building Solutions and Off-Site Construction
BuildingsConstruction Works Contractors
Corporate SolutionsPostal Goods, Services and Solutions
Corporate SolutionsOffice Supplies
Corporate SolutionsVehicle Lease & Fleet Management
Corporate SolutionsSelf-Serve Print Platform
Professional ServicesApprenticeship Training Marketplace
Technology Network Services 2
TechnologyTechnology Products 3
TechnologyEducation Technology
Financial ServicesInsurance and Related Services
Financial ServicesPayment Acceptance
UtilitiesSupply of Energy and Ancillary Services
Professional ServicesHealth Sector Resourcing
TravelPublic Sector Passenger Transport Services DPS (Taxis & Coaches)  
TravelPublic Sector Vehicle Hire Solutions
Corporate solutionsMedia monitoring and related services
UtilitiesSmart energy cities


If you would like to find out more about the scope of any of these procurements please get in touch -

Customers: info[at][dot]uk or call 0345 410 2222

Suppliers: supplier[at][dot]uk or call 0345 010 3503