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Health Sector Resourcing (HSR) - RM3833

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is developing a new commercial agreement to replace the existing agency and bank staffing agreements which expire summer 2019. Health Sector Resourcing (HSR) will provide a vehicle to source clinical and non clinical temporary staff, HSR will also seek to provide a commercial route for new resourcing approaches and models, including permanent recruitment, joined up bank and agency solutions and tailored resourcing approaches.

The current CCS commercial agreements that will be replaced by HSR are:

RM 3711 Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel - expires 31/08/2019

RM 1072 Workforce Management - expires 14/06/2019

RM 971 Non Medical Non Clinical - expires 30/06/2019



There has been ongoing stakeholder engagement, industry webinars, engagement sessions and customer boards. It is anticipated that the agreement will cover the provision of clinical and non clinical temporary workers, permanent clinical workers, staff bank solutions and joined up bank and agency solutions and tailored resourcing approaches.

We will continue to review the scope of this agreement during this consultation period.


Market Engagement

We will be using the consultation period following the release of the Prior Information Notice (PIN) to engage with NHS and Central Government customers, suppliers, industry bodies and Government Departments to gauge opinion on the scope of the next commercial agreement. We welcome input from all involved parties.

We have held a number of market engagement sessions during May 2018 with industry experts and suppliers who expressed an interest, if you would like to input during the engagement period please complete the RFI below, we welcome all feedback and will review all responses.

November 2018 Update

You are aware that we are developing a new suite of commercial agreements to replace the existing health resourcing and staff bank agreements, which are due to expire in 2019. In developing our strategy we have been engaging with suppliers and customers to establish what a flexible and comprehensive health resourcing solution to the public sector should look like.

Having begun this engagement we believe we need to conduct more to ensure we develop a market leading and sustainable strategy that will support effective resourcing solutions for health professionals.

Whilst we conduct this additional engagement, customers should continue to use the existing agreements for agency solutions and staff banks.  

We expect to have the first sets of procurement documentation ready for OJEU release in the new year. Please continue to monitor this pipeline page for the latest information.

We are continuing to work on our procurement documentation, when this stage has concluded we will update this page.  Please continue to monitor the pipeline page for the latest information.

The RFI link to the google form is HSR Supplier Input form

Please continue to input into the process via the HSR Supplier Input form.



CCS held a webinar in collaboration with representative bodies in the recruitment sector to engage with suppliers on the new HSR commercial agreement, the details are:

APSCo - A webinar was held on 3 May 2018 - a recording of the session is available online.

Please see the attached Webinar slides and FAQ document.


Customer Engagement

We welcome expressions of interest from all health workforce customers who would like the opportunity to help shape and inform the HSR agreement.

We have a customer board and several meetings have taken place since May 2018, if you would like to join the customer board or feed in your views and get updates on the project, please contact us at peoplepillarcomms[at][dot]uk  

We have also released a short questionnaire for customers to complete to enable you to provide feedback on the propsed scope of the agreement, you can access the questionnaire through this link: HSR Customer Input Form

We will also have opportunities for involvement in the evaluation process.  If you would like to find out more please contact us at peoplepillarcomms[at][dot]uk   



A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has recently been published. If you would like to express your interest in bidding, please follow the instructions in the PIN.

We will update important links below at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for buyers and suppliers is released.


Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

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Contract Notice (CN) in OJEU


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