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RM6011 - Supply of Energy and Ancillary Services

We are currently in the process of procuring a replacement framework agreement for our existing agreements for the Supply of Electricity and Ancillary Services (RM1075) and The Supply of Natural Gas and Ancillary Services (RM1076). This agreements will look to supply the electricity and gas needs of the public sector including billing, administration, customer service and where required by the customer, Ancillary Services.


Timescales (RM6011)

Publication of PIN's


Electricity - View Here

Gas - View here

Market Engagement

February - August 2018

Development of Tender Documentation

June - Jan 2019

OJEU Publication

Jan 2019

ITT Publication

March 2019


June 2019


Customer engagement

We will be running joint customer engagement events to hear your views on the existing agreements and help shape the next iterations. If you would like to be involved, please get in touch.


Supplier engagement

If you are interested in the agreements, please email the relevant procurement inbox below to be included on our mailing list and hear about opportunities to engage with the team using rm6011procurement[at][dot]uk


Bootcamps & Engagement

Our first joint supplier bootcamps were held on Tuesday 13 February in London and via webinar on Thursday 22 February. The slides presented at the events can be found here.  Following on from this event, we held 16 supplier 1-2-1 meetings across London and Liverpool to gather information to help inform our strategy. 


Bootcamp - Peer to Peer Trading

Our first peer to peer trading bootcamp was held on Friday 23rd March in London. The slides presented at the event can be found here. We subsequently held a number of peer to peer supplier 1-2-1's in Liverpool and London throughout April and May to discuss the requirements. 


Supplier webinar

We held a webinar to present our proposed strategy, the slides presented can be viewed here.  Questions & Answers can be viewed here


Frequently Asked Questions 

During our engagement with the market, a list of FAQ's have been collated. Please see the documents below.