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Technology Services 2

Mission Statement

“To be the preferred customer route to market for sourcing Technology Services and Transformational Support, in line with Government policy and strategy.

Providing the right supplier market for our customers and a healthy pipeline of opportunity for our suppliers.

Offering flexible routes to market, whilst ensuring ‘value for money’ for our customers”




Technology Services 2 (RM3804) is now live please view here for details.


Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN)

View PIN

Contract Notice

View Contract Notice

Tender Pack (.zip file)



Pre-market engagement

Pre-market engagement with our suppliers and customers will ensure that the new agreement meets the technology managed services needs of our customers, enabling them to take advantage of the latest technology, aligned to organisational strategy, priorities, and the current and future governments technology policies.

We aim to provide the right agreement structure to meet buyers needs and enable a flexible approach to procurement. For suppliers, we aim to foster the right market mix to deliver value for money, stimulate market growth and channel innovation.

All of these elements combined will provide a successful, flexible and value for money solution to support customers technology estates and a healthy managed technology services supply market opportunity for our suppliers.


Our discovery approach

For our customer and market discovery we adopted a 4-phased approach. The discovery itself was an iterative process, allowing us to refine the blueprint that we eventually released to the market. The discovery was open and transparent, with no pre-conceptions on the final blueprint from the start, we did however have some thoughts that we tested during the discovery process.

The diagram below illustrates our discovery process:

Discovery Process Image


In Phase 1 of our discovery we:


engaged directly with key suppliers, public sector organisations and purchasing consortiums

conducted some online survey activity.
held open supplier and customer discovery events in the north and south of the UK. Here are the Slides that were presented at these events.



In Phase 2 of the discovery process we:

Collated all of the information from the customer and supplier discovery sessions in an electronic collaboration tool. You can view the raw data here: Supplier North Event Supplier South Event Customer North Event Customer South Even
Analysed the 9500 responses to produce a summary of the Common Findings.
Devised a number of Blueprint Options based on the output of the analysis.



In Phase 3 of our process we:

Further developed the Blueprints.
Socialised the Blueprints with key stakeholders and other teams within the CCS Technology Pillar.
Tested the blueprint internally.



In Phase 4 of our process we:

Scenario tested the Blueprints in customer and supplier workshops.
Designed the final solution.
Sought feedback from key stakeholders



Technology Services 2 Pre Procurement Briefings

Following the conclusion of our extensive discovery phase and final solution design, we held two Pre-procurement Briefing Sessions hosted by TechUK. These events provide potential providers for Technology Services 2, an opportunity to preview details of the scope and structure of the new agreement and guidance on the tender process. Both sessions were filled to capacity, an encouraging show of interest from the potential providers of Technology Services 2.

The slide pack from the event is available here

The video content from the morning session is available here

The attendee list is available here



Twitter Launch

We have launched our Twitter feeds for this procurement; do follow us on #TS2, #TechnologyServices2 and #Open4Biz for updates on the procurement and other related activities over the coming months.



Post Contract Notice publication Webinars

Our webinars were fully subscribed, thank you very much if you attended and we do hope you found them useful.

If you did not manage to attend either of them the content from our techUK events (above) contains the same information;  there is a video of one of the event that you may view for any commentary on the day. 

Please make use of the content from our events and our discovery if you are considering submitting a tender and please do ensure that you place any clarifiactions through our eSourcing suite only.




Our procurement has started

Our Technology Services 2 procurement is in progress with Award expexected in August.

This procurement is no longer open for supplier bids, the final bid date was 28th April 2017.

You can find the link to the contract notice and the tender pack at the top of this page under Important Links




Anticipated project timescales

Following extensive pre-market engagement with suppliers and customers the project timescales for Technology Services 2 have been updated to provide the necessary time to develop a fit-for-purpose, market-leading agreement. We will be working toward the following indicative timetable:




Publication of PIN

9 August 2016

Publication of OJEU contract notice / procurement open for bids

15 March 2017

Expiry of existing Technology Services agreement

27 May 2017

Award of agreement / implementation 

6 Sept 2017

(please note timescales are indicative and may be subject to change)


Keeping you informed

Progress updates will be published here regularly to keep all of our stakeholders informed, involved and to enable participation in our procurement activities. If you have any questions with regard to this procurement please email techservices2[at][dot]uk