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Frequently asked questions


Is there a minimum financial value for the items that can be advertised?

No, there isn’t a minimum or maximum value but it’s important that you check and agree the cost of transferring items between locations before you commit to a transaction.


What items can I advertise?

Public Sector organisations can advertise items in the following categories: furniture, information technology accessories (non data bearing) and miscellaneous.


Are there any disposal restrictions?

You must establish if there are any disposal restrictions in place within your department. This will largely be about deciding whether your surplus items should only be made available to central government departments or to any public sector organisation. You should reflect this in your listing.


Can I advertise for items that I am looking for?

Yes you can make a request for items wanted.


Are there any data security concerns?

This service is recommended for items that are not capable of have not handled, recorded or stored data, e.g. mice, keyboards, screens, cables, racking, surplus new audio/video tapes, etc.  Any used data bearing device should NOT be advertised although these items are under consideration for inclusion at a later date.


Who should organise or pay for the transfer of items?

It will generally be the responsibility of the person receiving the item to arrange and pay for their collection, but you will need to check your department’s courier and postage arrangements. Always consider the monetary, resource and environmental costs of transferring the item.


Are there any health and safety issues to consider?

You must comply with all health and safety guidance, for example electronic items need to be within the current PAT (portable appliance tested) test dates, and furniture items are expected to be in functioning condition and a good state of repair. You can check with your ICT or Estates teams if in doubt.


Do the items have to meet the Government Buying Standards?

It would always be good if they do, although this may not be possible in all cases, particularly with older items.  The key issue is that by posting items on the site you are helping to reduce waste and supporting reuse and the associated savings, which underpins the Government’s sustainable procurement strategy and supports Government’s responsibilities under the Greening Government Commitments and Greening Government ICT commitments, you can read more here.

For further information please contact Nick Philpott (nick.philpott[at][dot]uk)