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DUNS number

Reference: RM1042
Corporate Software Solutions

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Enterprise Resource Planning Software Solutions
2 Finance IT Software Solutions
3 Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Software Solutions
7 Mobile Application Solutions

Reference: RM1032
Enterprise Application Support Services

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Oracle E Business Suite Enterprise Application Support
2 SAP Enterprise Application Support Services

Reference: RM1085
Managed eMail

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Small volume email implementation
2 Medium volume email implementation
3 Large volume email implementation

Reference: RM3745
Management Consultancy Framework

Contact Name: Sales Support
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Lot Number Lot Name
2 Finance
4 HR
5 Health and Community
6 Education
7 Infrastructure

Reference: RM6008
Management Consultancy Framework Two (MCF2)

Contact Name: Support Sales
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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Business Consultancy Services
2 Procurement, Supply Chain and Commercial Consultancy Services
3 Complex and Transformation Consultancy Services
4 Strategic Consultancy Services

Reference: RM3810
Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems

Contact Name: Simon Mitchell
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Lot Number Lot Name
1 QA & Testing Specialists
2 Automation, Agile & Dev-Ops
3 Load & Performance Testing
4 Functional Testing
5 Infrastructure Testing and Environments
6 Operational Acceptance Testing
7 QA & Testing Management
8 Strategic QA Consultancy

Reference: RM3804
Technology Services 2

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Lot Number Lot Name
1 Technology Strategy and Service Design
2 Transition and Transformation
3a Operational Services (End User Services)
3b Operational Services (Operational Management)
3c Operational Services (Technical Management)
3d Operational Services (Application and Data Management)
4a Programmes and Large Projects (Government Official Security Classification)
4b Programmes and Large Projects (Above Government Official Security Classification) - please see supplier matrix for updates on suppliers list X status