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  • Agency Nursing and Social Care

    Framework number: RM970

    RM970 This is an NHS Improvement approved framework This agreement is for the supply of agency nurses and social care workers, covering the full range of job roles and bands. Prices are provided on the basis of hourly charge rates for each job role. Pricing includes all costs so there are no hidden

  • Allied Health Professionals Health Science and Emergency Services Temporary Staff

    Framework number: RM959

    RM959 This is an  NHS Improvement approved framework This agreement gives you a compliant and cost-effective route to allied health professionals (AHP), health science services (HSS) and emergency services (ES) temporary staff, covering the full range of Agenda for Change bands and NHS Employers

  • Apprenticeship Training and Related Services

    Framework number: RM3823

    RM3823 The goods and services covered by this procurement have been divided into twelve (12) lots for each apprenticeship discipline, which have been further sub-divided into twenty three (23) as follows: Part (a) of each Lot 1-11 will be available to CSL to award call-off contracts for any of the

  • Behavioural Insights Consulting and Research

    Framework number: RM3742

    RM3742   This framework is currently being re-tendered to a multi supplier framework and is due to launch in January 2018, further details can be found here. This agreement is available for use by public sector bodies as defined in the OJEU notice. The sole appointed supplier is Behavioural

  • Building Materials and Associated Services

    Framework number: RM3747

    RM3747 The RM3747 Buildings Materials framework agreement is an EU compliant framework agreement which provides a comprehensive range of buildings materials and associated services.  There are eight lots: Lot 1 Buildings Materials and Associated Services ‘One Stop Shop’ Lot 2 Plumbing and Heating

  • Campaign Solutions

    Framework number: RM3774

    RM3774 Campaign Solutions is an innovative marketing and communications framework covering the services you will need for end-to-end campaigns. It is a single lot agreement that includes a broad range of agencies with different specialisms to help you tap into the very best expertise and talent in

  • Communication Services

    Framework number: RM3796

    RM3796 Communication Services  provides a new and improved way to buy a variety of marketing and communications services. The agencies on the agreement offer an extensive range of  quality services to drive innovation and deliver savings. There are 67 agencies on the agreement, providing all the

  • Computer Based Testing Services

    Framework number: RM995

    RM995 The Computer Based Testing Services agreement provides access to services ranging from the provision of remote online individual tests through to secure invigilated testing conducted at managed premises, including the design, development and delivery of tests. The framework has been awarded

  • Contact Centre Services

    Framework number: RM3815

    RM3815 Contact Centres includes a broad range of communications channels that the public uses to interface with government services. This includes telephony, email and web-based communications.  Contact Centres Service is a pan-government collaborative framework agreement for use by UK public

  • Contingent Labour ONE

    Framework number: RM960

    RM960 Customer updates 26th April 2017: Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is working on the release of an OJEU for the Public Sector Resourcing Programme to replace Contingent Labour One (CL1). To provide continuity of service, CL1 will continue until 18 June 2018. Please contact workforce[at