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Technology Expense Management Service (TEM)

We are looking to establish a two lot framework agreement with a single supplier in each lot for the benefit of UK public sector bodies for a Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution. The solution will be required to support the management of a variety of technology and telecoms services.

A variety of TEM functions may be required (and could be separately ordered by the customer):

1) Historical Billing Audit 
2) Physical Audit 
3) Snapshot 
4) TEM

i. Database

ii. Load of TEM data

iii. Reporting

iv. Inventory

v. Tariff optimisation

vi. Benchmarking

5) Personal Call Management(subject to service 4 being taken)
6) Tactical Provisioning/Ordering(subject to service 4 being taken)
7) Contact Services

(A professional service to contact users to confirm the status of devices, users and services where these are not known, allowing the TEM provider to build an accurate inventory where one does not exist, or the data held is not complete) 

(subject to service 4 being taken)

Important links

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

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Contract Notice in OJEU

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Supplier engagement activity

Recent Event

Crown Commercial Service held a Supplier Information Day on Tuesday 7th March 2017 in London. The purpose of this event was to describe our needs and seek market engagement and feedback to further develop our requirement. Please find the slides from the event here.


Questions and Answers

Following on from the Supplier Information Day, please find link here to the 'Questions and Answer' documents. If you have any further questions please email using the details below.

CCS can be contacted via:

E-mail: info[at][dot]uk

Telephone: +44 3450103503


Short Survey

Crown Commercial Service will soon be going out to tender for Technology Expense Management Service (RM3802). We have a number of questions about the services you can offer and would request that you complete our short questionnaire (linked below). Your responses will help to inform our requirement and the tender.