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Public Sector Resourcing (Temporary & Permanent Staffing)


  • 22 August 2016: following engagement with customers and suppliers to understand what they would like the new agreement to feature, we have updated our procurement strategy. As a result, we have published a revised Prior Information Notice (link below). This PIN was published on 12 August 2016 and supersedes the earlier PIN (2016/S 015-022164) published on 22 January 2016.


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Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

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Contract Notice in OJEU

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Supplier and customer engagement activity

Following the supplier webinar on 9 May 2016, here is a recording of the webinar for anyone who was unable to attend. 



We are developing a new and innovative long term contracting solution for the provision of temporary workers to replace the current arrangement, Contingent LabourONE. This will be through a phased approach, with an initial focus on procurement of a strategic partner who will help us to build an innovative commercial model to directly connect workers with public sector demand and enable public sector customers to engage the right resources, with the right skills, at the right price quickly and easily.

The strategic partner will:

  • build and establish the model and ensure it continues to meet customer and the market needs
  • innovate to achieve value for our customers
  • develop a vendor management work-flow
  • innovate non-traditional hiring routes
  • provide a payroll function
  • deliver an end to end process for on-boarding and off-boarding candidates

The length of the strategic contracting model will be determined through engagement with the market to ensure financial viability. Due to the potential return on investment this may run beyond a 4 year period. The second phase of the model will be developed through engagement and input from the strategic partner, customers and the supply chain and will cover provision of services required. There is a desire to understand how the market is evolving in terms of trends, emergence of new technologies and innovation with regards to commercial models and methodologies to deliver a fit for purpose contracting vehicle. We also need to understand the specific challenges facing the provision of specialist contingent labour resources.

Current scope includes:

  • administration and clerical workers
  • operational and support workers
  • interim managers
  • digital/IT specialists
  • digital, cyber, legacy technology or technology change skills and expertise 
  • senior civil service level managers
  • professional contractors
  • universities and specialist providers
  • education and teachers
  • statement of work.
  • permanent: executive and non-executive 
  • health
  • specialist/niche 
  • other