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Vehicle Conversion (RM3814)

The current Vehicle Conversion and Reconditioning Services framework (RM956) is due to expire on 3 September 2017. 

We plan to establish a dynamic purchasing system for the new Vehicle Conversion framework with the requirments being divided into a number of categories. We are holding an industry day on Thursday 23 March for suppliers interested in finding out more about our plans and how to get involved.

The Industry Day for RM3814 Vehicle Conversions was held on the 23rd March, 2017. Please see below for information relating to the day:
- Vehicle Conversions Industry Day - Slides 
- Vehicle Conversions Industry Day - Attendees
- Vehicle Conversions Industry Day - Q&A
If you have any questions and would like to speak to a member of the team, please email:

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You can register on the Government Supplier Registration Service (SRS) now, to have access to many public sector procurement opportunities:
Once registered, you can also complete the standard Selection Questionnaire (SQ) used across government, in preparation for future opportunities, including the CCS Vehicle Conversions DPS.
See the slides from the Industry Day for more information