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Extension Notification (05/10/2017)

CCS is taking up the option of extending Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 (DOS 2) and Cyber Security Services 2 (Cyber 2) for up to 12 months, in line with the framework terms.

The up to 12 month extension for:-

  • DOS 2 will commence on 27 January 2018
  • Cyber 2 will commence on 1 March 2018

We’ve done this so that users can continue to buy and sell from both agreements while we’re working on their new iterations.

We are continuing to engage with a number of buyers, suppliers and internal and external stakeholders, to understand the key opportunities for future framework iterations. If you you would like to see what we have captured so far, please view our Trello board.

Why are these frameworks being extended?

Previously, we have undertaken continuous and regular updates for each of the individual agreements.

Improvements we have made to date include:

  • improved the shortlisting process for DOS
  • improved the search facility, by adding clearer service descriptions
  • implemented visibility of who buys what from whom. Allowing for contract value and winning supplier visibility
  • taken steps to simplified our contracts into plain English
  • continued to improve the framework application process for suppliers
  • introduced an increased range of services to the Cyber agreement
  • better buying journeys

This however, hasn’t always given us adequate time for the Digital Marketplace (DMp) to be developed. We want to give time to make the platform scalable and more flexible, and allow for more expansive buyer and supplier needs.

We are taking a more holistic approach to the services available, the buying journey needed by our users, and how best to provide access through our agreements.

To achieve this, CCS and GDS are focusing on:

  • Better MI capture and improved data flows
  • Improving the supplier and buyer buying journey
  • Introducing standard ways of working, whilst offering flexible contracting models
  • Ability to bring new agreements and services on to the DMp more quickly and dynamically

In line with this, CCS and GDS will still continue to make iterative improvements on an ongoing basis. This includes changes to the marketplace, guidance and end to end journey.

How will I know when it will be open?

We will be communicating more about this soon. Until then: