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Payment Solutions

We are developing a new framework for the provision of payment solutions and associated services.

UPDATE - 1 November 2018 - Conclusion of Procurement

Crown Commercial Service is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Payment Solutions framework procurement earlier this week (Framework Reference RM3828)

Following extensive market engagement and support from our customers the award of this framework was delivered on time and we have successfully awarded framework agreements to a number of suppliers who provide a range of solutions across each of the three lots.

The launch of the framework is scheduled for 3rd December 2018 and in the meantime Crown Commercial Service will be developing advice and guidance on how to access the framework agreement together with other customer facing documentation and setting all the appropriate systems in place ahead of this date. Please note that we do not expect to be in a position to share customer facing documentation until the framework is launched on 3rd December 2018. 

Should customers have any urgent queries ahead of this date then please contact the CCS Customer Service Centre; Email: info[at]crowncommercial[dot] or Tel: 0345 410 2222.

If you have an urgent requirement for payment solutions, please refer to the guidance detailed below.

Thanks again to those who have given their time to support this procurement process, we appreciate your time. We look forward to working with you launching the new framework and helping you access the new agreement.



We have been working with stakeholders across central government and the wider public sector as well as with the supply market on developing a new commercial agreement for the provision of Payment Solutions. We are pleased to announce that the OJEU contract notice and associated documentation was released on 24th July 2018. The tender will close in late August and evaluation will happen across September and October. Award is expected in late October - early November 2018.

The tender documents are available to review at the above link.

We expect public sector organisations to be able to begin the call off process in December 2018.

Please see below for further information. We will update the Payment Solutions page on the CCS website if there are any changes, please monitor this for information.

Further details will be released nearer the go live date. If you have any further questions at this point, please direct all first line enquiries to the CCS help desk:


0345 410 2222

For existing RM1095 Customers

CCS recognises that there is a gap in provision between the expiration of the current RM1095 e-Purchasing Card Solution framework and the award of its replacement and that this may result in some customers having to consider their options in order to ensure ‘continuity of service’.

Primarily so that customers affected are able to ensure continuity of service, CCS recommends that customers consider the agreement of a short term extension to their existing call off for a period of 6-9 months with their incumbent supplier. Please note that we recommend that you take appropriate commercial and legal advice as part of this process.

The extension period will enable your ‘continuity of service’ and should also enable you to review the outputs of the tender process and subsequent award of the RM3828 Payment Solutions framework, so that you are able to assess and decide whether you wish to carry out a further competition or consider a direct award.

Based on current procurement timelines we currently envisage that the replacement agreement will be accessible for customers from 3rd December 2018. 

For potential CCS Customers

Based on current timelines we envisage that the replacement RM3828 Payment Solutions framework agreement will be accessible for customers from 3rd December 2018.

CCS would advise potential customers to explore any flexibility within their current agreement to ensure ‘continuity of service’ for a period of approximately 6-9 months, or look to undertake a compliant procurement process for the same period. This will allow sufficient time for you to review the outputs of the tender process, decide how you wish to access the agreement and allow suitable time to implement.


Please also see the Financial Services Brochure for further information.


UPDATE - 18/06/18 - Security

We would like to gather some specific security information and insights from the market.

Input is optional and will have no bearing on the outcome of the procurement - this is for market intelligence only. 

  • Please could you briefly outline the standards and processes you have in place to minimise fraud and other cyber risks in and around your market solutions?
  • What reporting and updates do you provide your customer and what frequency? This is related to security/ fraud updates - including but not restricted to areas such as security breaches/ incidents and updates following patching.
  • Could you please describe your ongoing security strategy - what and when additional measures are foreseen.

This information will help us put in place a robust and appropriate set of security requirements that will protect customers in the short, medium and longer time horizons. If you would like to offer comments could you please email Jessie Crabtree at paysol[at]crowncommercial[dot] by close of play, Thursday 21 June.


UPDATE - 22/05/18 - Proposed Pricing Model - Lot 2 - Prepaid Cards

We are now welcoming feedback on our proposed pricing model for Lot 2 of the Payment Solutions framework - Prepaid Cards.

If you would like to offer comments could you please email Jessie Crabtree at paysol[at]crowncommercial[dot] by close of play, Tuesday 29 May.

Proposed Pricing Model:

  • Our model will look for a reduction on the fees currently being charged for the products in the private sector.
  • The model will be a simple structure - we will be asking what your market rate is and then asking you to submit a 'tendered' rate
  • The fees we will be asking for will encompass several of the most common ones (e.g. UK ATM, UK Transaction, etc.) - we have used comparison websites as sources for these common fees.

Please could you outline what you view as the most common fees for these products.

The model will be straightforward, using Microsoft Excel.

  • Tab 1 - will collect the market rates for the said fees
  • Tab 2 - will collect the tendered rates for the said fees
  • Tab 3 - will demonstrate the commercial benefits (savings)

We are interested to hear whether the market will offer a discount based on volume on:

  • Number of cards?
  • Number of transactions?
  • Total annual spend?
  • Anything else?

Please could you provide comments on what factor you might offer a discount based on volume of.

  • Other fee information will be collected but not tendered.

Please could you outline additional fees that you might charge for. 


This is a potential multiple lot framework agreement for the supply and maintenance of payment solutions to facilitate the purchase of goods and services, including travel. In addition, a prepaid solution is anticipated for disbursements of funds to those who do not have access to other means. Payment solutions and any associated services will be available across all public sector organisations. The solution will provide an online management information system to enable public sector organisations to manage their purchases effectively and in real time.

Market engagement

A Prior Information Notice (PIN) has recently been published (please monitor the ‘Important Links’ section below to remain up to date on the project timescales). If you are interested in this project please follow the instructions in the PIN below and register your interest by emailing paysol[at][dot]uk.

Draft Payment Solutions specification - for comment:

We have decided to release our draft specification for comment, before the release of the full tender documentation. We welcome any comments you may have on the document - scope, technical aspects, feasibility etc - and would invite you to submit these in the next 5 working days. Please send all comments to paysol[at]crowncommercial[dot] The deadline is Wednesday the 28th of March.  

Please note that the draft specification only contains the mandatory requirements. Please also note that whilst we welcome comments on the document and will review these, there is no guarantee that comments will be addressed in the final tender documentation.  

Draft Specification

Any questions, please email Jessie Crabtree at paysol[at][dot]uk.  

Customer engagement

We have begun consultations with a number of public sector organisations who are users of the current framework to help bring experience and knowledge to shape the new solution.

The aim of the consultations is to identify where we can learn from past experiences to improve upon current arrangements and maximise commercial benefits through a robust specification of requirements with the ability to keep up with new, innovative products and solutions.

Customer engagement will continue to take place and we would value any feedback you have to help us deliver an outstanding solution.

Important links

We will update the important links below, at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for buyers and suppliers is released.

Prior Information Notice (PIN) in OJEU

View PIN

Contract Notice in OJEU

Contract Notice

Download tender documents

Download Tender Documents




Pre-market engagement

November 2017 - January 2018

Drafting of procurement documentation

February 2018 - March 2018

Publication of OJEU notice

June/July 2018

Framework Award

September/October 2018

*Please note these are indicative timescales and may be subject to change