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Education Technology RM6103


The Education Technology agreement will be designed in collaboration with the Department for Education and the Education and Skills Funding Agency, providing schools and Educational establishments the ability to procure Technology through one agreement. Education Technology replaces ICT Services for Education RM1050 which is due to expire April 2019. We are continuing to develop the Education Technology agreement, which is the replacement agreement for ICT Services for Education.

The RM6103 agreement will consist of:

  • Lot 1: ICT Solutions: The provision of a technology fit-out of a new school, existing and other educational establishments. This is a continuation of the existing scope and services from ICT Services for Education (RM1050)
  • Lot 2: Broadband Fibre Infrastructure: The provision of a design and installation of Broadband fibre infrastructure.
  • Lot 3: Broadband Services: The provision of connectivity services. 
  • Lot 4: Hardware: The provision of ICT hardware and peripherals (close-to-the-box services) cabling and some networking equipment as a standalone requirement. 
  • Lot 5: Audio Visual: The provision and installation of interactive whiteboard solutions, screens and audio equipment. It does not cover video conferencing services



The bid pack has now been issued, full details of the how to obtain a copy can be found below.

All clarification questions and messages relating to this live procurement should be directed via the eSourcing messaging portal.

There will be 2 webinar sessions (morning 9.30am and afternoon 2.30pm) to complete a walk though of the Education Technology bid pack. The session will mainly focus on the following attachments found within the bid pack.

·       Attachment 2a - Selection Questionnaire

·       Attachment 2b - Award Questionnaire

·       Attachment 3 - Pricing Matrix


No questions will be recorded throughout the webinar as they should be recorded within our Bravo Solutions eSourcing portal

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To register for an account

Please note this tender opportunity is being run via the Bravo Solutions eSourcing portal and you will need to register for an account here in order to participate in this event. To register, you will need to: 

1. Go to the URL:

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4. Complete the registration form, providing information including: — The full legal name of your organisation, — Your company registration number, — Your DUNS number-a unique 9-digit number provided to organisations free of charge by Dun and Bradstreet, — User and contact details. Once you have registered on the eSourcing tool, you will be able to express your interest in this specific procurement. Your registered user will receive a notification email to alert them once this has been done. Note: If you require additional users from your organisation to see the Invitation to Tender (ITT), do not repeat the above as this will create a new separate account; instead the registered user can add additional users to the existing account via “Profile” “User Management” “Users”. You need to express an interest in Education Technology RM6103. 


To express an interest you will need to

1. Login to the BravoSolution eSourcing tool

2. On the dashboard there is a “quick links” portlet – click on “My ITTs”; 

3. On the next screen click on “ITTs open to all suppliers”; 

4. Click on the rfq_Education Technology RM6103 - Note: There may also be other events listed on here; 

5. Click on “Express Interest” at the top of the next screen; 

6. You can now access the published documents in the eSourcing suite. For assistance please contact the eSourcing Help-desk operated by BravoSolution by email at help[at][dot]uk or call +44 0800 069 8630


Important links

We will update the important links below, at each stage of the project, adding to this page as information for buyers and suppliers is released.

Contract Notice in OJEU

Click here to download


Important information to suppliers and customers

The new Public Sector Contract (PSC) will be used for all CCS commercial agreements for common goods and services. The new PSC comprises:

1.     Core Terms - which form part of the framework and call-off contracts

2.     Schedules - split into 3 groups for framework schedules, call off schedules and joint schedules

3.     Forms - the framework award form and call off order form

All future CCS commercial agreements will use an agreed set of draft templates as a starting point for developing the commercial documentation. CCS may choose to make amendments or insert special terms to better suit a particular market or customer base.

Please direct any enquiries to: icteducation[at][dot]uk


Supplier and customer engagement sessions

Following on from our supplier and customer engagement sessions held in July, the Education Technology team would like to share with you the feedback we collated.