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Waste services (RM6150)

Crown Commercial Services (CCS), is developing a new commercial strategy for waste services for use by UK public sector bodies and future successor organisations, which include Central Government Departments, Arms Length Bodies and Agencies, NDPBs, NHS and Local Authorities, including Primary Care.

CCS already provides some services through its Facilities Management frameworks, with the intent to procure a vehicle that better supports customers who require specialist waste providers.



The new agreement is currently being developed, with the focus of this engagement to be given to Clinical Waste Disposal, including supporting aspects, such as managing agents and the interactions between the waste supply chain, with focus on incineration providers and how to better use the available capacity.

The Prior Information Notice (PIN) for this procurement can be found via this link

A further PIN will be issued for other forms of waste services in due course.


Market engagement

A Prior Information Notice will be published, and CCS wishes to engage with waste providers across the spectrum and their supply chains – particularly incineration providers.

If you would like to express your interest, please follow the information in the PIN or e-mail wasteservices[at][dot]uk with a short summary of your organisation.



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